As our seven remaining couples prepared to become six, and after last week triumphant Wembley visit, it is becoming more and more difficult for our celebrities to blunder their way through.

This week also sees them all having to dance twice, one of which is a Swingathon where all our couples perform at the same time for points and are knocked out one by one to claim the highest score.

Anita and Brendan: Cha Cha
As Robin was off this week, super Brendan steps in again to rescue another female celebrity in distress, performing a great little cheeky Cha Cha, there were however quite a few heel leads and even though Anita’s knee action was stronger than in previous routines she still needed to straighten her leg on the weighted steps.

Holly and Artem: Foxtrot
Their routine was clearly choreographed to show Holly off to her best ability but the foxtrot content left little to the imagination, the show girl elements were when Holly stepped into her comfort zone and the music was more show show than quick quick slow.

Alex and James: Charleston
Well Alex, you have again upped your game and in my opinion this was you best performance to date, your personality shone through and your storytelling deserved an academy award, but obviously the judges did not agree with me and James’s comment when talking to Tes was correct the Judges did score it very hard when you compared it to the other Charleston.

Robbie and Ola: Samba
It was so nice to see a Bob Dale pinnacle step, The Big and Small being danced to start their routine on Strictly, Robbie’s rhythm and timing have improved but his footwork does need a lot of work, but another lively performance.

Chelsee and Pasha: Argentine Tango
O.M.G! Chelsee if you Argentine Tango routine does not get you in to the final I will show my periodicals on the town hall steps, a very technical, extremely well choreographed routine performed, for me perfectly and easily deserving of a couple of tens, Craig’s comments about the couples frame was completely unjust as the height difference does not allow the couple to take the correct stance.

Jason and Kristina: Charleston
Jason’s performance has just kept them in the competition especially after last weeks fluff, a great little cheeky Charleston with some very well danced Charleston figures, this was probably Jason’s best routine to date, but I do not think it was any more impressive than Alex & James’s. Do you agree?

Harry and Aliona: Quickstep
One point off perfection! A lively Quickstep with good technical content, fluidity and musicality but Craig was correct, Harry does have a really bad sickle on his left foot which makes him dance pigeon toed and his left arm was a little to straight for me, but it was a very good energetic routine.

It was very difficult to compare all the couples at first because of all the camera angles but I do agree completely with the order of the final three, Alex & James, Chelsee & Pasha and Harry & Aliona.

Sunday Results Show
A fabulous Ballroom segway from Brendan, Natalie, Pasha, and Katya to open the show and an unforgettable show stopping Viennese Waltz from Anton & Erin, but Holly & Artem and Anita & Brendan in the bottom two this week either of them could have left this week but we will see Holly & Artem dance again next week, but we will miss you Anita you have done yourself proud and we are all proud of how far you have come, thank you.