Week four, and after last weeks shocking elimination and all our couples dancing different rhythms to impress, it is now time for them to up their game and mean business.

Jason and Kristina - Paso Doblé

C 6 , L7, A 7, B 7, Total 27

Good strong, arm lines from Jason but unfortunately it moved into his legs and he was far too stiff in his knees, he did look good when he was stood still wafting his arms around but as he started to dance he was far too forced and over the top.

Alex and James - Rumba C4, L7 , A7, B7,Total 25.

I did not like their bolero beginning to the dance but I thought Alex looked a million dollars, if only she would have extended her leg line and straighten it more.

Her timing, I thought was very good, but for me it was all ruined by James’s comment to Tes on the balcony about the judges commenting on the professional s choreography and him saying that they should not be allowed to comment.

Unfortunately in dance any judges decision is final and they should be respected for there fair comments however I do think that this series some of the judges comment have been too personal which I do not agree with.

Rory and Erin - Cha Cha C4, L7, A6, B7, Total 24.

Rory has great musicality but is still very pigeon toed, from the waist up he was lively and full of performance but from the knees down it was full of heel leads and stiff ankles.

Audley and Natalie - Foxtrot C6, L7, A6, B6, Total 25.

A very graceful Foxtrot from these two, Audley really looked like he was enjoying himself and was gliding around the floor, there were a couple of little footwork issues but he has definitely improved and conquered a pinnacle dance, but the judges obviously did not agree with me as their scores were a little low.

Nancy and Anton - Paso Doblé C3, L5, A5, B5, Total 18.

I thought it was a very well performed Paso Doblé with some accurately danced figures, there were several timing issues and the lifts were completely uncalled for and did look like Anton was throwing Aunt Sally over his shoulder but again there were signs of improvement.

Lulu and Brendan - Samba C5, L6, A7, B7, Total 25.

This dance style really suited Lulu because of her bent knees and she danced he socks off, the original and still the best “let’s party” dance, she has obviously worked hard on this dance this week.

Holly and Artem - Viennese Waltz, C 7, L7, A8, B8, Total 30.

You can tell why these two are favourites with the bookies, after the George Formby entrance that I thought was never going to end, and they finally took hold Holly’s poise and deportment is beautiful, she has a very good lilting action with some nice control.

I would have liked a little more continuous natural and reverse turns to see their full control over the repeated figures, as this is what separates the Viennese Waltz from the other Ballroom dances.

Chelsee and Pasha - Quickstep, C 9, L 9, A9, B9, Total 36.

For me this was the best dance of the evening an excellent demonstration of a traditional entertaining Quickstep, which was full of character and flavour, Chelsee has very good control especially with her top line which was not led by Pasha.

They both kept the same amount of power and energy at the beginning of the routine as at the end, which shows a true professional demonstration.

Harry and Aliona - Waltz C 8, L 8, A 10, B9, Total 35,

Harry did a really good job, his rise and fall was a little lumpy although it was there, but I completely agree with Len’s comments that the second half of the routine lost content and there was far too much dance in open hold which should only be permitted in American Smooth dances, but for me it was not deserving of a ten, I think this was Alisha trying to play the other judges at politics.

Anita and Robin - American Smooth (Foxtrot)C8, L8, A8, B8, Total 32.

A very good demonstration of a classy Foxtrot smooth, with some very well executed lifts and a real sense of Foxtrot flow, but her leg line especially on her arabesque was like something out of Wallace & Grommit, but very well polished routine.

Robbie and Ola - Jive C5, L8, A7, B7, Total 27.

Robbie’s opening on the stage was very well danced with lots of personality and a good strong kick action, however his chasse’s were flat footed but his character and jive performance made up for it.

Russell and Flavia - Tango C5, L6, A6, B7 Total 24

Well, there was not a lot of staccato just stiletto and how Flavia keeps her face straight is beyond me, but he does get the popularity vote as his performance in infectious.

Sunday results Show.

Yet another great opening number from our professionals, why can the audience not vote for the best group number and then re show it in the final?

And what an amazing Argentine Tango from Vincent & Flavia, a truly inspirational, talented couple.

Rory & Erin and Nancy & Anton, another week where I disagree with one of the couples in the bottom two and for Rory & Erin to be out of the competition is just an outcry.

Bring back the dance off so the judges can at least save the better dancers!

Or is that why the BBC do not have it anymore?