The Quarter Finals, as we are delighted with a trip to the movies who is box office award winning and who is left on the cutting room floor?

Big opening from the professionals, a little sporadic but it would have been better if the routines linked through more.

Scott and Natalie : Paso Doblé Craig 8, Len 9, Alisha 9, Bruno 9, Total:35

00 severerern, eat your heart out. A Paso Doblé to the James Bond theme with excellently executed bum twizzles.

This is the Scott we have missed over the last few weeks, very strong and passionate Spanish lines.

I thought the music was difficult to keep the action strong, but I thought they did a brilliant performance.

Ann and Anton : American Smooth (Foxtrot) Craig 2, Len 5, Alisha 4, Bruno 3, Total:14

I have to say this for me was Ann’s best dance to date.

There were actually signs of dance!

Well some of the time well executed held lifts, Ann was even rising on her toes at one point and even Anton did not look as if he had to drag her round half as much.

It was entertaining but surely it must be time to leave on a high?

Matt and Aliona: Jive Craig 8, Len 9, Alisha 9, Bruno 9, Total: 35

‘Yeah Baby’ I loved the beginning especially when Matt back flipped off the judges stage, but then I found myself being distracted by all the playing around as there was not enough dance content when you compared it to Scott’s Jive several weeks ago.

I could not decide whether Aliona had taught him to force his action to keep in character or not, as it was very heavy.

Pamela and James : Viennese Waltz Craig 10, Len 10, Alisha 10, Bruno 10, Total: 40

WOW! Again Pamela looked stunningly, beautifully, gorgeous; they had a very strong portrayal from the start to the very, very end.

She did miss a few heel leads but the way she was poised and balanced on her fleckle from closed to open hold was truly mesmerising and takes true talent, receiving a well deserved full house.

Happy 61st Birthday Pamela.

Gavin and Katya : Foxtrot Craig 7, Len 9, Alisha 9, Bruno 8, Total: 33

Easily Gavin’s best dance to date, he showed great control, very well performed with pure technique on the syncopated section.

For me Gavin gave both Scott and Matt a run for their money this week.

Kara and Artem : Tango Craig 9, Len 9, Alisha 10, Bruno 10, Total: 38

An amazing professional performance, with beautiful control, and a perfect top line with staccato interpretation.

There were a few toe leads and I did not understand the flow of the choreography much but I could watch these two all night.

Out of all Saturdays performances it is the guys who need to keep their pedal to the metal, as it should be Pam and Kara in the final as both of them gave a truly finalist performance.

Sunday's results show.

Strictly Come Dancing Show Dancers!

Hmmm, they did not do it for me, Anton and Erin a truly Marcus and Karen demonstration, Scott and Natalie in the bottom two (please) but next weeks semi final, double elimination, swingathon and two routines each!

Can we take anymore?