A week when we have seen winds of up to one hundred miles an hour, which of our couples will blow us away, and with only one more week before the show comes to us live from the Mecca of dancing, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, which of our couples will be blown out?

Pamela and James: Cha Cha Craig 8, Len 8, Alisha 8, Bruno 8, Total: 32

After a long intro for these two this week, which I did not really understand but the incrusted laptops were very bling!

Pam can dance and looks beautiful and elegant at whatever she tackles.

A very careful routine and Craig was correct, she does need to straighten her knees on a ‘New Yorker’ syncopated or not James.

Michelle and Brendan: Paso Doblé Craig 4, Len 7, Alisha 7, Bruno 6, Total: 24

Not one of their best performances, Michelle is still very pigeon toed and very heavy footed in quite a stompy way, and the second half of the routine was very awkward looking, but on a positive note her outfit was stunning.

Patsy and Robin: Viennese Waltz Craig 7, Len 9, Alisha 8, Bruno 8, Total: 32.

A very theatrical Viennese Waltz, which was full of drama and tension.

Beautifully strong arm lines, but unfortunately when they danced in Ballroom hold it all seemed rushed and Robin was clearly dancing and therefore leading off time for about two thirds of the routine.

Their interpretation was very elegant. Is it right to penalise the celebrity when it was obviously the professional fault?

Gavin and Katya: Quickstep Craig 7, Len 8, Alisha 9, Bruno 9, Total: 33

Gavin’s highest score to date, and a standing ovation from the studio audience, but I am not quite sure why?

It was their best performance and he did seem to be enjoying himself more than in previous weeks, but I did not feel it was deserving of a nine, even when Gavin kissed Bruno which again did not make sense to me, and was the argument section half way through the routine choreographed or not?

There were several footwork and timing mistakes but I cannot argue he is still improving, slowly but surely.

Ann and Anton: Foxtrot Craig 3, Len 6, Alisha 6, Bruno 5, Total: 20

Ann’s best dance throughout the competition, a true basic Foxtrot, it was refreshing to see them dance rather than mess about, there were however still several places where Anton was dragging her round, but overall it was a very good effort.

Kara and Artem: Argentine Tango Craig 9, Len 9, Alisha 10, Bruno 10, Total: 38 WOW a perfect, beautiful demonstration of this passionate dance style, fantastic entrance from Kara performing solo, which I could have personally watched all night, pure technique, excellent timing and amazing choreography from Flavia, a truly professional performance.

I feel that Kara actually out danced Artem almost as if he was taking a back driving seat, easily deserving of a ten.

Felicity and Vincent: Salsa Craig 5, Len 7, Alisha 7, Bruno 7, Total: 26

I did not like their routine this week as it was all very uncomfortable and awkward looking, there was no fluidity or flair, and Felicity obviously forgot most of the second half of the routine as Vincent was having to push her into the steps.

Matt and Aliona: Rumba Craig 8, Len 9, Alisha 9, Bruno 9, Total: 35

I found it very difficult to watch Matt’s performance this week as Aliona Christmas wrapping outfit kept catching my eye for some reason!

But when I did Matt’s Rumba action was extremely well danced, the routine in general was very start stop, which tends to give it a very robotic hard feel if not performed with fluidity on the moving sections, but I prefer Matt’s Rumba too Scott’s do you agree?

Scott and Natalie: Jive Craig 9, Len 10, Alisha 10, Bruno 10, Total: 39

A truly brilliantly choreographed Jive routine from these two, they both kept the energy of the dance from start to finish, brilliant leg and flick action from Scott very light footed and careful placing, right on the money.

This has to secure him a place in the final with Kara, and Matt and Pamela reaching semi finals. Do you agree?

Sunday Results Show. The right two couples were in the bottom two this week, Michelle and Brendan and Felicity and Vincent, both of these couples had slipped up during their routines and had not performed to the best of their abilities but Felicity and Vincent were just saved to dance in Blackpool.