Dancing either a tango or a Charleston, our twelve couples became eleven. But who was hot and who was not?

Tango is a powerful passionate dance that needs strength and emotion while the Charleston should be light-footed like you are defying gravity, with a comical feel.

Our actors and actresses should find both dances easier to perform than our other celebrities but may stumble on the technicality.

Overall I was quite disappointed with most of the dances, as the gap between the front-runners and the loss leaders is getting greater by each week.

Jimi & Flavia

A brilliantly comical routine with Jimi showing strong kicks and good timing. There was a good sense of fun and style during their performance, but I did find the judges' comments very harsh and then scored the routine quite high. If you are going to make demonstrative comments please let it reflect in your scores, judges!

Scott & Natalie

The highest score of the competition so far, and definitely deserving of it. A beautiful elegant tango, Scott’s frame was very good and the choreography was superb. If anything Scott now needs to work on his footwork to make a perfect performance and achieve those tens, which at the rate of his improvement will not be long.

Tina & Jared

Welcome back Tina, it was lovely to see you back on the floor but unfortunately I again feel that she out-danced her partner. The choreography was very weak as also was both their rhythm and timing. There were also very few recognisable Charleston steps, and for two of the judges to score their routine one mark less than Scott & Natalie was a complete joke.

Felicity & Vincent

If anyone can teach a tango, Vincent can. A beautiful Argentine beginning but unfortunately, when then started to dance the standard Tango it lost staccato, passion and feeling. Even though it was Felicity’s highest-scoring dance I actually preferred their rumba.

Patsy & Robin

Again for me it was another disappointing routine. It was danced very heavily especially as the routine progressed. It was obvious they were both getting tired and losing their spark. Patsy needs to work on her leg line more and her performance value.

Gavin & Katya

I actually feel sorry for Gavin as you can see how hard he is working from week to week. Yes, he does find it hard to perform, but from a technical point of view he is definitely improving. His frame and hold were very impressive but his footwork was quite sloppy. I get the distinctive impression that Craig just does not like Gavin. Do you agree?

Peter & Erin

Oh dear, more rag than Charleston I am afraid. Peter has obviously worked hard on his routine but it did not pay off. The music was too fast for him to keep up, it reminded me more of Steptoe & Son. I also think Erin’s shorts needed to be a little longer. But it was not a bad attempt.

Pamela & James

I loved Pamela’s interpretation of the tango. James needed to release his hold a little and not extend his left arm, which was why the judges commented on Pamela’s shoulder line. But for me it was the music that was lacking, which made it difficult for them to dance with staccato and passion. Overall I found it to be a very convincing, clean demonstration.

Matt & Aliona

As if Matt started the routine on a unicycle! A fabulous Charleston performance, clean and cheeky choreography. It was very light, nimble and effortless and easily Matt’s best dance to date. For Craig to score a nine normally means the other judges would score a ten, but for Bruno to score an eight - where were you looking, Bruno?

Michelle & Brendan

Michelle had to dance with Ian Waite this week as Brendan went back home to New Zealand for a family bereavement. Changing partner at the last minute is very difficult and places both dancers under more pressure. The music was very uninspirational and flat. However, under the circumstances it was not a bad attempt.

Kara & Artem

A very clean, polished routine. At times it was even hard to tell who was the professional dancer. It did maybe need a little more performance but technically it was well danced.

Ann & Anton

Only Anton Du Beke could get Ann Widdecombe to fly onto the dance floor on a wire! An amazing performance, a little surreal at the beginning but there were lots of recognisable tango figures demonstrated well to a fashion. What are we to be shown next week?!

Sunday's result show

Do you think we are not having a dance-off anymore because of all the scenery the dancers keep on using and there would just not be enough time on Sunday's show to set it all?

There was a fantastic Argentine tango routine from the professionals, and I think it was right for Peter & Erin and Michelle & Ian to be in the bottom two this week.

But Peter you have given us a brilliant show over the last four weeks. You are a gentleman and will be missed in the competition.