SATURDAY nights won’t be the same without our two-hour fix of Scandinavian intrigue.

If anyone would have said I’d get hooked on a Norwegian political drama, complete with subtitles, then I wouldn’t have believed them.

But Borgen has fitted seamlessly into the spot vacated by The Killing.

There might not be a fashionable piece of knitwear in sight and yes, there are comparisons with the West Wing, but Borgen has been hugely enjoyable.

Charting the rise of the wonderful Brigitte Nyborg, the unlikely Prime Minister trying to hold both her government and family life together, Borgen has been another triumph for BBC4.

Quite why Scandinavian drama has so captured the British interest is probably a college course waiting to happen. But believable characters, good scripts and no shortage of realistic humour always help.

All the lesser players are well defined from the Billie Piper lookalike TV reporter Katrine Fonsmark to the excellent husband of the PM.

My favourites have been spin doctor Kasper and the comic relief provided by hapless secretary Sanne.

Everyone tells us we’re all part of a more integrated Europe, so come on Beeb, sign up series two immediately.