The first week when we have to lose one of our couples, but if I had to pick who is the weakest link in the chain, I would find it really difficult especially if the standard is as strong as last week, let the contest begin!

Nicky & Karen Cha Cha

Sorry, I do apologies as I thought their dance was announced as a Cha Cha, but I found it very difficult to recognise any steps, however the chasse that they danced were very flat footed. Come on Karen this is now the second week you have let Nicky down.

Colin & Kristina Viennese Waltz

 A graceful and elegant attempt, even though Colin was flat footed, but the styling in his arms was effortless. From the waist up it was great, from the waist down a little clumsy.

Dani & Vincent Salsa

Dani can definitely shift and gives as good as she gets, she matched Vincent perfectly, great fluidity. Keep up the hard work Dani, and you will be with us till the end.

Fern & Artem Viennese Waltz

 Second dance and Fern floored it again. A beautiful effortless approach, she looks right at home on the dance floor. If anything I would have preferred to see a slightly stronger heel lead, but a very fluid waltz.

Richard & Erin Cha Cha

 Ace Ventura - Call of the Wild eat your heart out! There were however some recognisable steps, overall it was a lively performance, but a little harder work on the technique and less running up and down the stairs would have helped.

Victoria & Brendan Foxtrot

 Victoria did look elegant but her balance on the spins and when not in hold, needs quite a bit of work. She does need to relax a little more though when in hold, and she still did look nervous towards the end of the routine.

Michael & Natalie Jive

Shakin’ Stevens with the added bonus of Shake ‘n’ Vac- there was however a nice kick action developing but far too many props and not enough control, but a very difficult dance for week two, a lot simpler choreography would have helped this routine.

Louis & Flavia Viennese Waltz

A little skippy in places and a softer knee action would have helped the flow better. Louis also needs to pull his shoulders down but a very good attempt showing great promise and potential.

Denise & James Jive

Very well danced, stylised and a great story line. Very good flicks, kicks, and breaks, she gave James a run for his money. A great professional standard jive demonstration.

Johnny & Iveta Foxtrot

A very clean, well poised foxtrot, well executed. A little rounded in the shoulders at times but great presence around the floor. One of the hardest dances to master, but a very convincing attempt. Keep on the ball Johnny.

Sid & Ola Salsa

 Not a bad attempt at the saucy salsa, good rhythm and well executed step patterns with good content to the routine. However it was a little clumpy in places.

Kimberley & Pasha Foxtrot

A very well matched couple dancing a fluid foxtrot showing great expertise. If anything, there body alignment was a little off-set which forced Kimberley’s right arm to be straight most of the time.

Jerry & Anton Foxtrot

Definitely a lot more content in their routine this week however it did look like Anton had to work hard to carry her around the floor, but lovely chorepgraphy.

Lisa & Robin Viennese waltz

 There was some very well controlled footwork and a great rotary turn action, a little tense when in closed hold and I thought the Cinderella story line was a little weak, but another great performance. Lisa is definitely my dark horse in this competition – do you agree?

Sunday Result Show

Perhaps perhaps perhaps probably one of the best show numbers to open a Sunday results show from our professional dancers. Johnny & Iveta and Richard & Erin were both in the dreaded dance-off, neither of these couples were the worst on Saturdays show but I thought they were both well matched, Richards routine seemed slower in the dance off and Jonny seemed very nervous, but we see Richard & Erin dance again next week, I am not convinced this was the right decision, do you?