Season 10 which is said to be the ‘biggest and best yet’, the first time out on the floor for our new celebrities either performing a Waltz or a Cha Cha, were their nerves going to get the better of them, or would they shine, sparkle and entertain us? We also have the amazing Darcey Bussell joining the judging panel who I am know will be a great asset to the Strictly phenomenon.

Fern & Artem Cha Cha

To be the first couple on the floor is never easy, but Artem was obviously so excited he had forgotten to button up his shirt! A very good confident routine from Fern, with some good controlled footwork even though a little slip on her syncopated Cuban breaks, but for her first dance she should be very proud, but the judges marks were a little low.

Nicky & Karen Waltz

A very nice American entrance to their routine, this is normally only used in later performances or to hide mistakes. Nicky does have very rounded shoulders and is quite flat footed, he needs to soften through the knees more to develop a correct rise and fall. I am so glad that Craig mentioned the illegal lift, as Len did say in the last series if anyone was deliberately breaking the rules they will be penalised, so to score Nicky the same as Fern was just insulting, The routine was over dramatised and to put your hands in your pockets so often cheapened the performance, I thought. Nicky does have great potential and is obviously a very hard worker. I am looking forward to seeing him dance the Latin rhythms.

Michael & Natalie Waltz

This did not in anyway look like a week one Waltz by one of our male celebrities. I loved the simplicity and performance of their opening and Michael’s lines and poses were excellent, his rise and fall was a little lumpy at times and he does have a slight sickle, but I think we are in for a treat over the coming weeks from these two.

Victoria & Brendan

Victoria looked a million dollars, however I do think that the routine was a little too complicated for her and she did look as if she was wearing her mum’s high heels! I do think that Victoria will shine in the Ballroom dances, her grace and poise will help her develop that style better, but I think we will end up being wowed by her leg line.

Colin & Kristina Cha Cha

Good musicality, rhythm and fluidity to their routine, with a nice foot and leg action developing, a little more hip action would have made it amazing but a great performance, again another celebrity who I think is going to wow us over the coming weeks.

Denise & James Waltz

It was obvious that Denise has had some dance experience but not at Ballroom and to dance like a pro on week one showing great lines and interpretation was lovely, I honestly would have had Denise down for a Latin dancer and now I cannot wait to see them show off her hip action.


Kimberley & Pasha Cha Cha

A very good, well controlled cheeky, Cha Cha, with some very nice shaping. A little straighter in the leg action would have helped to polish off the performance, but a very good attempt, and Pasha the definition of a lift is too support your partner with both feet leaving the floor! Compared to some of the routines on Friday night I thought the scoring was again a little too high.

Sid & Ola Waltz

Not a bad attempt from our Sid, good clean lines with simple shaping, there was even signs of good footwork and graceful poise and presentation, for a male celebrity on week one, Well done, come on lad!

Jonny & Iveta Cha Cha

A very good start for Johnny, full of power and versatility, Johnny now needs to soften his knees a little more and push his feet in to the floor, but a great hip action.

Dani & Vincent Waltz

A lovely graceful, fluid Waltz with some lovely footwork which was beautifully performed, a few little hiccups but Dani is definitely one to watch.

Lisa & Robin Cha Cha

OMG! This has to be one of the liveliest Cha performances ever on Strictly, Lisa your energy is contagious, great solo work with superb rhythm and timing, with a great little hip and leg action developing, I could watch you perform all night. Well done a true dancing star in the making, and has Craig ever given an eight on a week one show before?

Richard & Erin Waltz

Some nice shaping from Richard however there is a little more work needed on his rise and fall and footwork, but a very elegant performance to be proud of.

Jerry & Anton Cha Cha

 A very clean looking Cha Cha, maybe a little bit safe, there were however some nice footwork and leg actions, but it was nice to see Anton having to dance for once rather than having to drag his partner around the floor.

Louis & Flavia Cha Cha

d to achieve the correct hip action as it was a little too forced. Louis would have been better in a Cuban heel to pitch his body correctly and to achieve a better leg action, if I am completely honest I think I was expecting more, there is a long way to go but I am sure Louis will work his hardest and achieve great results in the end.

Overall on both programmes this week the most disappointing part for me were the judges marks and remarks, as they were just not consistent, at least we have the dreaded ‘dance off’ back but none of our celebrities embarrassed themselves and should all be very proud of their achievements first time out.