A night at the circus was the theme for the show and time to raid the dressing up box: Prop week is here!

With a ringside seat to the action, props with a big top theme have been presented to the celebs for them to integrate into their routines.

The Dancing on Ice Circus celeb’s came onto the ice in fabulous themed outfits – providing a massive injection of colour to the blue hued studio.

Chemmy Alcott and Sean.

A variety of props emerged from both persons during this routine – a cane, rope, flowers and handkerchiefs to name a few!

I wasn’t sold on the skating again as it seemed very similar to routines past, but the emphasis is on the props which worked well with the song of “it’s magic”.

She is still not finishing her lines off, with bent legs and turned in free foot on extensions which for me, detracts from the performance and has done since week 1. Now we are in week 10, simple things could be the difference between staying and leaving.

As per usual she was a powerhouse across the ice, which makes it exciting to watch and also her solo skating is good. Hopefully the small things will improve and lift the skate next time!

Chico and Jodeyne.

Looking very fetching in white leggings and a strong-man leotard Chico had another great skate! Jodeyne was lifted above his head in a Platter lift and she felt confident enough to release both hands and it looked very stable.

His basic skating was good as was the performance of the routine. A massive score of 27.0 was well deserved – he is definitely closing the gap between himself and Matthew!

Jorgie Porter and Matt.

A ribbon is the weapon… I mean the prop of choice for these two and judging by the practice, it hasn’t been working great! But on the night, it was GREAT! A beautiful routine with the ribbon cleverly integrated and being used at all points.

I loved that she included lots of solo skating this week that highlighted her strengths. A low score from Louis of 6.5 who commented that there was no performance – I disagree with this because it was understated in its beauty, I think Louis likes an in-your-face performance which doesn’t always work! For me a great performance but thanks to the judge’s score it placed her at the bottom of the scoreboard!

Matthew Wolfenden and Nina.

The lion tamer and the lion was the theme for the programme tonight and it included a hoop, whip and standing box! I really action packed routine using mainly the whip and the hoop – walking through the hoop and bursting balloons!

A nice star lift near the end was a great highlight and a score of 28.0 was probably about right! Matthew keeps getting consistently high scores and his position in the final is almost guaranteed at this point.

Jennifer Ellison and Daniel.

Two clowns skating to ‘You got a friend in me’ made a really endearing routine!

Suitcases, bucket and balloon all featured and made the routine really interesting. Less solo skating from Jennifer, which was expected, but it was a confident performance ending with her walking over Dan’s stomach and not injuring him!

A score of 24.5 was about right as it credited her for the performance but also gave her improvement room.

Marcus Collins livened up the second part of the programme with a live set and the skating professionals performed a slick routine out on the ice.

With Jorgie being at the bottom of the leaderboard, props week really scrambled up the usual order! I don’t believe that she should have been there as she was not the worst on the night.

Skate Off.

Chemmy and Chico found themselves in the skate off and trying to persuade the judges to keep them in the competition.

Both performances mirrored the earlier ones but for me Chico was the best out of the two. Luckily the judges agreed and Chemmy left the competition.

Semi-final week is almost here and each celebrity skates two programmes with the return of the ultimate skills test!