Time to dig out the black eyeliner and skin-tight leather pants and dust off your air guitar: Rock Week has arrived!

After the drama of the skate off last week, seven celebrities remain and all want to keep their position in the competition.

Getting the evening off to a head banging start was the cast of ‘Rock of Ages’ with a skill packed routine from the skating professionals with jumps, spins and lifts galore!

An energetic opening got the audience into the spirit of the evening with loud applause for everyone.

Matthew Wolfenden and Nina.

The video-tape shown before Matthews performance showed him getting angry at a lift which he was struggling with.

Skating can be a frustrating sport when the person is pushed and negative thoughts can hamper good training.

I enjoyed his performance this week and it had many highlights, but I don’t think it was his best skate.

The Platter lift at the end was executed well and showed great strength but possibly going first in the line up added additional nerves?

He is lucky as he has a great partner in Nina who knows how to motivate and get the best out of each session and who compliments Matthews skating well. Hopefully the next weeks skate will step up once again.

Chemmy Alcott and Sean.

Chemmy is a strong and energetic skater, which I think stems from her time as a competitive skier.

She lacks the refinement needed to make her skating look smooth and effortless across the ice. She is holding herself better in the lifts, which is great, but the exits lack finesse.

Simple movements such as pointing toes and turning the foot out would make such a big difference.

It may seem finicky picking these things up, but this is where marks are lost and differences show between celebrities. It was a strong performance but with only a handful of weeks remaining, she needs to continue progressing.

Jennifer Ellison and Daniel.

I think Jennifer tried very hard to step up her game this week with pre-programme practice and also during the routine.

She seemed to be trying to get down into her knees and gain speed over the ice, which is the first time in the whole eight-week competition.

Her performance is never an issue and that was done very well and complimented the skating well. I think her mantra of ‘going for it’ should be stuck with as it was like a different person had stepped out.

Although still not the strongest skater in the competition, she looked more confident and it shone through.

Andy Whyment and Vicky.

Skating to a fab northern tune ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis brought out a different side to Andy this week.

Have to say thumbs up to his live set – he has a great voice - and also to using the guitar live at the beginning of the routine! I liked the relaxed approach to the routine this week and thought it suited him!

A few great lifts included and they all looked stable and confident. His basic skating is good and has strength running through it.

I think he deserved more than 19.0 for his score, as he is a much stronger skater than Jennifer. I loved that he argued back with Katarina – good for him!!! For me, Andy has made massive improvements and I hope he stays.

At this point I was wondering what the judges were looking at as the scoreboard flashed up and Jennifer was in second place?

I agree that this week she has improved but to be in front of Chemmy and Andy is wrong. In comparison she is weaker and relies on her partner to steer her across the ice. I was not feeling much love for the judges I have to admit!

Sam Nixon and Alexandra.

The Frog Lift returns and although completed without error it looked a little shaky! A supporting lift at the end was similar although he looked to be enjoying himself out on the ice! Matching Toe-Loop jumps looked well and Sam’s had a confident on landing.

I have to say though that I didn’t agree with the score of 22.0 (surprise, surprise!).

To see progression, I would like to see more difficult lifts with Alexandra higher off the ice.

Jorgie Porter and Matt.

It’s been a tough week for this couple as Jorgie kicked her heel into Matt;s face during the dress rehearsal. After a trip to hospital and stitches he was back on the ice like the professional he is! Eerie and creepy routine to “Bring Me To Life” was very well done with great interaction between the two.

The Neck Spin was completed without repetition of the previous days accident and was fast and strong. Jorgie’s skating was much better than last week and she looked smoother across the ice.

Matt was very supportive of Jorgie and he had a great attitude towards what happened. I really enjoy watching this couple, so hopefully it will get even better next week.

Chico and Jodeyne Chico’s confidence is growing week by week! The lifts were strong and had transitions, the skating was great and he performed it as well as a frustrated rock star can! I’m not sure that the blonde wig suited him but I really enjoyed the energetic performance! I can’t wait to see him next week, as he is the dark horse of this competition….

Matt and Jorgie watch out! Skate Off.

In spite of his strong performance Chico found himself in the bottom two along with Sam. This surprised me, as Chico has been consistent all the way through.

Sam skated as well as the first time and smiled throughout! Chico attacked it with the usual gusto and energy and it was a cleaner performance.

Sam left the competition after Chico gained a full sweep of approval from the judges. Sad to see him leave, but out of the two skaters it was the right decision.

Hope the judges can sort their marking and comments out for next weeks show, otherwise I may lose my voice shouting at the TV! The Team Challenge is the main focus next week, where the celebrities can double their points on the leaderboard!!