The Ultimate Skills Test has arrived and this will sort out the men from the boys!

With two leaving the competition the pressure is on to produce the goods as the three stars with the lowest combined scores will face a unique skate off – each will skate identical routines alone and containing 23 different skills – ooooh!

The skills to be included in this weeks programme: an identical step sequence with their partner, an unassisted jump and a spin with at least 2 rotations. Not an easy feat to be honest!

Chico and Jodeyne.

6 weeks ago Chico came in as a reserve and last week he was in second place on the leaderboard. He has come on in leaps and bounds over this time; every week has been interesting to watch.

I thought he did great with lots of energy and smiles throughout. He did a great overhand sit-style lift at the beginning which looked smooth and easy followed by a nice step sequence and 3 waltz jumps in succession. His spin was about 6 turns long although it did have a little wobble at the end!

Overall another great routine – my only moan is that he was stood still for so long at the beginning. I understand that he has to perform and dance but he should do it whilst skating, as he is certainly capable.

Chemmy Alcott and Sean.

I like Chemmy but she can sometimes look ungainly whilst moving across the ice! I think this stems from the competitiveness that her sport demands.

This week we saw a softer side to her and I have to say the pink dress was very flattering on her! She is becoming more refined in her arm movements and also her basic skating has improved.

The jump she completed was a waltz jump – toe loop combination and she did it okay with a strong landing. I like Chemmy as she is not afraid to try new things and challenges herself each week. I hope that we see more of her and that was certainly her best performance.

Jennifer Ellison and Daniel.

I saw Jen and Dan practicing at Blackburn Arena this week and she looked okay in practice, if a little slow. She brimmed with confidence tonight on her entry to the ice and looked fab in her outfit.

She moves well but she is slow still whilst skating alone on the ice.

The elements were completed but looked tentative which was a shame but I did want to climb on the ice and give her a little push!

I think this was a big test for her as she looked to have a tough week after kicking herself in the head last week so well done for getting on the ice. For me, not the best routine but done without issue.

Andy Whyment and Vicky.

I love watching Andy skate as he always seems to give it 100% and is a genuinely nice person. He has also been practicing down at the rink with Vicky this week and he looked good when I saw him.

He stumbled during the step sequence, which was a shame and due to lack of knee bend although the spin and the jump worked well.

Apparently one move pulled his ‘bum cheek’, which can’t have been comfortable, but you get all sorts of injuries when skating! I hope we see Andy again next week, as he is getting better every time we see him!

Sebastien Foucan and Brianne.

Sebastien is wild and exciting although I think this weeks routine to Prodigy “Omen” was a little too fast for him. He lacked control with a number of stumbles throughout.

I think the judges were too kind with their marks this week and have marked him on previous performances. If he could hold back slightly and drop the tempo I think we could have a real contender.

I felt it was a shame as the two waltz jumps were not completed well and the step sequence tapered off towards the end. I know he is a free runner and adding elements of that to the routine makes him stand out, but it would be nice to see him as a skater one week and showing us a different side.

Jorgie Porter and Matt.

Last week was great for this couple and they have set the bar high. This week was fast and non-stop which was a nice change for Jorgie.

I think the step sequence was the weakest of the three elements as some steps were not fully completed, but the combination jump was nice as was the spin. The highlight of the routine was the return of the Headbanger! She had no fear of it and held herself well through it and that meant that it was very well executed. Because she is so goo, more attention to the intricate skating skills is needed to really lift the routine to another level. Once again, a great performance from Jorgie!

Sam Nixon and Alexandra.

Sam has had a tough week in practice and a bad fall to top it off. After a good skate last week this is a real shame although I do think the Frog Lift – where Alexandra balances with her blades on his thighs – was a little too advanced for him.

The routine was performed well but I think that he looked slightly tentative across the ice. The Frog Lift was replaced with an easier option that worked well.

I think the low marks reflect the performance given and I agree with the judges that it wasn’t his best week. The spin had 3 rotations and the jump was completed well. I think it is a little step back but he can come back from this easily!

Heidi Range and Andre.

Skating to her own song of “Push the Button” Heidi looked stunning in a red two-piece costume. Unfortunately I didn’t think that her elements were strong although she hit lovely positions in the lifts with Andre.

He is so strong that he can manipulate her and hold her in position. For me Heidi’s jump was from stand still and the weakest so far and her solo skating is a little slow. She has grown in confidence and has improved but I feel her rate of progression is slower than some of the others.

Matthew Wolfenden and Nina.

After a disappointing, but still strong, skate last week, Matt has come back with a vengeance! A massive total of 28 shot him to the top of the leader and it was definitely deserved.

The Wrist Ripper lift worked well and the one handed Star lift was great.

To make it even better would be to add rotations to the overhead lifts although would mean major concentration and skill! The step sequence was good although could still be improvements in finishing the steps off but the jumps were lovely.

The spin could have slightly more refinement – so a massive score achieved but there is still more to work on! When this is all refined, he will be a powerhouse on the ice! The best was certainly saved until last!

Skate Off.

The 3 celebrities who found themselves in the unfortunate position of having to skate again were Chemmy, Heidi and Sebastien.

Chemmy looked strong across the ice and only had a little stumble in a difficult solo routine and to be honest I don’t think she should have been in bottom 3.

Sebastien looked good until he forgot what was meant to be doing which was such a shame, as he looked better than I had seen him before.

He had control over his skates and looked very well – and seeing him cry at the end was hard to watch. Competitive sport has two sides and this shows what can happen behind the smiles and the glitz.

Heidi was hesitant across the ice and looked like the nerves had set in a little. She was stiff on the crossovers but managed to complete a nice spiral position. I have to say I think that she was the weakest of the 3 in skating skills.

I think it was a forgone conclusion that Chemmy would stay in the competition, as she was the strongest out of the 3 celebrities. It is a shame that 2 have gone this week and I feel sorry saying goodbye to Sebastien and Heidi as it was a very dramatic exit! Grab the Kleenex!

Bring out the black eyeliner, air guitar and some of your best moves … next week is Rock Night!