It’s Sunday night, it’s live and it’s Dancing on Ice!

With Jorgie scoring the highest points total last week of the season so far she had really set the benchmark for the rest of the group.

This weeks theme...

LOVE! Valentine’s Day being only 2 days away (note to self: buy card!) influenced the song choices for tonight’s show and also some cheesy lines from the presenters!

We moved quickly into the show tonight with no opening number from Torvill and Dean. Matthew was first up after a below par performance last week..

Matthew Wolfenden and Nina.

Matthew seemed positive in his VT before the skate, which shows that he took the judges comments on board and has worked hard to rectify any issues.

The routine tonight had a softer edge and was different to others attempted previous.

It looked like an ice dance routine and he interacted well with Nina throughout. He lifts her so easily whilst moving across the ice and it all looked smooth and flowed well.

With Matthew having been ahead of the pack I think we expect more each week and he is attempting difficult steps. It’s getting interesting to see his progression through the weeks.

Chemmy Alcott and Sean.

Chemmy spent time finding her sexy side by dancing with Samba dancers this week!

I loved Chemmy’s skate – strong and powerful she really performed to her J-Lo track. She is getting stronger and more confident every week and demonstrated her solo skating skills a lot during this routine.

I think this was her best skate yet but I thought Louis was harsh giving her a 5.5 score.

She isn’t a trained dancer and she tried very hard to get into the music and movement. Overall, a huge improvement on previous weeks and I cannot wait to see her next routine!

Andy Whyment and Vicky.

Having watched Andy train at Blackburn Rink it’s been nice to track his improvement each week. I loved the tongue in cheek routine this week and thought he performed it so well with brilliant facial expressions!

His skating has improved and you can tell that he is working hard. The lifts are getting stronger also although to make them even more impressive he could add a turn whilst lifting Vicky. 17.5 equaled his scored of last week although I would have liked to see a higher mark from Louis (5.5). For me I loved the performance and I can’t wait to see him next week!

Heidi Range and Andre.

Heidi’s improvement has been slow and steady through the weeks as she is not the strongest in the competition.

I think her basic skating needs to be worked on, as simple steps such as crossovers are not being completed well.

She managed a Sit Lift although I believe that was thanks to Andre’s brute strength as she was shaking like a leaf all the way up! With all the focus from Heidi being on the lift it took energy away from everywhere else. A stumble over the toe pick at the end really detracted from the gentleness of the piece but I don’t think it was her strongest performance.

An interval performance by Torvill and Dean separated the celebrity couples and gave the audience viewing pleasure. A routine using silks was beautifully choreographed with both of them flying and spinning over the ice, high up in the air.

Jennifer Ellison and Daniel.

You give me fever! Daniel’s idea of putting Jennifer on a public rink to help her cope with nerves was a great idea. There is nothing harder than trying to skate when your legs are tense.

Wear a sparkly red cat suit, Jennifer looked like a little devil and I’m sure the male viewing populations were not complaining! She looked more relaxed on the ice tonight and seemed down in her knees whilst skating.

She hits beautiful positions in her spirals and split lifts and can perform a routine great but I would still like to see more skating from her. She is that flexible that during the routine she managed to arch so much she kicked her self in the back of the head with her blade! Ouch!

Chico and Jodeyne.

I really admire how Chico has approached this competition. He is positive, he works hard and now he is reaping the rewards! Opening the routine solo he turned and skated around the ice with ease and then he managed his first overhead lift.

This was done safely and confidently and it was lovely to see. I think that he is challenging Matt and Jorgie and he is certainly capable of successfully completing the big elements. I loved his routine tonight mainly because you can see the enjoyment in his face! I can’t wait to see what he will be doing next week.

Rosemary Conley and Mark.

At 35 years older than any other lady celebrity I think she deserves a round of applause! This was a lovely and genteel performance from Rosemary, which was smoothly done with nice lifts. I think that she has reached her potential but I do like watching her and Mark shows her off so well whilst they are on the ice together.

She won’t be attempting dynamic moves like the younger celebrities but I would like to see her skate alone more as she has demonstrated in the VT’s that she can do it.

Sam Nixon and Alexandra.

I think Sam has made great improvements in his skating as the weeks have progressed and this week highlighted how confident he has become. The solo skating was completed well and with ease and it kept it fluidity throughout.

The lifts with Alex, although simple, were done well and kept their strength. The throw loops was a cute addition to the programme and highlighted Alexandra’s pair skating skills. A high score was well deserved this week and I enjoyed his performance.

Jorgie Porter and Matt.

Gaining the top position last week places high expectation upon her shoulders and she didn’t disappoint!! All the movements have fantastic energy and fit with the tone of the music. A massive score of 26 (a 9 from Louis!) from the judges puts her ahead of Matthew once again.

I think she is growing in confidence each week and I agree with the judges that the performance is already there, the interaction between Jorgie and Matt works well and it looks effortless.

There are still tiny tweaks to be made: she sometimes doesn’t fully extend or point the toes on lift exits but that is me being picky!

Sebastien Foucan and Brianne.

I love Sebastien – at times it is not pretty but he goes for it wholeheartedly!! A Russian split jump was attempted but with a Sebastien twist! It came out okay but not quite there!

He powers around the ice and doesn’t hold back on the speed, which is nice to see. If he could be more refined across the ice he would be even more impressive to watch! The basic skating is there but we lose it slightly when he is trying something challenging. I can forgive him for that as he is great to watch and he enjoys what he does.

The Skate Off.

Clemmy was the surprise skate off candidate this week! Her and Rosemary were the bottom two in points and votes and went head to head to try and save themselves from elimination. I think this week has been a high standard and tough for all of the competitors fighting for their places.

Rosemary skated another lovely programme, as did Clemmy, who tried to add more sexiness to her routine (as asked by Louis)!

It was no surprise really that Chemmy was saved, as she is the stronger skater. The judges were very complimentary towards Rosemary so she left the competition on a high note! I don’t think Rosemary was surprised but I will miss seeing her on my screen on Sunday evenings.

Next week will prove to be a tough week as the celebrities take to the ice solo and perform routines with 23 separate skating skills, including jumps, spins and spirals! Tune in for the ‘Ultimate Skills Skate-Off’!