A SPONTANEOUS outbreak of ‘Paddy love’ swamped our TV screens as Take Me Out returned for prime time viewing on Saturday night.

The format is simple — 30 man-hungry women looking for a date circle some helpless hunk rather like a pride of lions ganging up on a helpless wildebeest at the waterhole.

He has three chances to impress and at any time they can opt out of a possible date.

Then our ‘victim’ gets to choose one of the girls who still think he’s worth a date.

The amount of fake tan and hairspray which goes into every programme makes Strictly look like a black and white movie as the girls teeter on six inch heels, clearly dreaming of a future lads’ mag photo shoot.

I have to confess I’m not normally the biggest fan of Paddy McGuinness the stand-up, but he’s perfect as the host of this show.

“Let the hum see the dinger” was one of his many classics as he introduced yet another sacrificial lamb.

Take Me Out is so cheesy it should be sponsored by the Cheddar marketing board but for ‘turn off your brain’ viewing it’s perfect.

And next week we’ve got the added bonus of seeing how our permatanned pairings get on on the enchanted isle of Fernandos (it’s Tenerife really).