We are finally here after twelve weeks of tense, nail biting, tear jerking, belly laughing fun, and now our four couples battling it out for the world famous Glitter Ball Trophy, they are all winners after what can only be described as an amazing season, but who will it be?

Denise & James, (Judges Choice) Jive The energy was obviously oozing out and their cartwheel (as last time) was fantastic, there were still a couple of bent knees from Denise but her kicks were strong and attacking, a great number to open this 10th Final.

SHOWDANCE A true showdance encompassing Tango and Salsa, amazing transition between the lifts which just went on and on, a routine which would not look out of place in a Showdance competition.

Dani & Vincent (Judges Choice) Tango The precise placing of Dani’s feet coupled with the power and energy made this performance a truly professional demonstration, definitely to be proud of and for me deserving of a ten.

SHOWDANCE A very difficult routine showing Paso Doblé and Rumba, there were a couple of little awkward moments but another great performance.

Kimberley & Pasha (Judges Chioce) Viennese Waltz A beautiful and elegant Viennese Waltz, there were however a couple of little slips but an amazing performance.

SHOWDANCE Kimberley went for it! Their energy was off the scale with Samba, Salsa and Cha Cha racing around the floor, greatly performed, wild and flirtatious.

Louis & Flavia (Judges Choice) Salsa I loved this routine the first time and this time was even better, Louis has worked hard on his hips and Mambo Breaks and polished it all with presentation and performance. Well done.

SHOWDANCE Strength, Strength, Strength! Louis makes Flavia look like a stick of celery, the lift they executed was unbelievable with great Argentine Tango and Rumba both performed effortlessly, a beautiful story with true passion, if anything it all ended too soon.

THE FINAL FINAL No one deserved to leave the competition at this stage but unfortunately it was Dani & Vincent who step out gracefully at this stage, but at least we get to see them again on the tour.


Denise & James, Charleston A great performance, that was lively and enthusiastic with good strong precise arms.

Kimberly & Pasha, Tango A perfectly performed Tango showing true amazing choreography, with staccato timing, passion and an amazingly controlled topline, was easily deserving of any Championships.

Louis & Flavia, Charleston A fabulous Charleston, full of fun, tricks and a forward and reverse standing somersault. WOW. And a deserving boo from the studio audience at Craig’s 9!

We were then delighted to see all of the 2012 celebrities with their professional counterparts perform a bubbly, lively group Jive number before we crowned the 2012 Strictly Winner which was awarded to . . . Louis & Flavia.

Don’t forget the Strictly Christmas special on Christmas Day at 6.15pm BBC 1 Until then Keep Happy Keep Healthy and Keeeeeeep Dancing.