Semi Final week and with two dances each from our five remaining couples who will be our final Fab Four?

Dani & Vincent

American Smooth (Foxtrot) Good character, good technique, good timing, fantastic control on the lifts, fantastic footwork, overall a fabulous little Foxtrot.

Argentine Tango It is very difficult to watch the celebrity when Vincent is performing what he is best known for, but a beautifully performed Argentine Tango, there were however a couple of little technical things and a little mistake half way through but neither of these spoilt a second for me, I could have watched them both dancing the Argentine Hokey Cokey and it would be beautiful.

Louis & Flavia

Jive A cool rhythmical Jive/Rock n Roll, performed with spirit and flair, a few of Louis’s Kicks were slightly turned in and could have had a slightly more control, but a good little well told story.

Foxtrot I found their Foxtrot routine a little heavy and lacking in the fluidity and softness of a Foxtrot almost as if Louis was forcing the steps, but I loved the performance level.

Denise & James

Tango A great little Paso Doblé entrance to their routine this week and a very strong Tango action, however Denise’s legs were bent on the kicks and the shaping was too forced, there was some nice true Tango figures demonstrated, it was good but I did not find it worthy of a ten, do you agree?

Rumba When Denise is in close hold and posing she moves beautifully almost to perfection, but when she is solo and moving from step to step her technique was very poor, stumbly and almost basic, I find her arms and finishes to her lines amazing and balletic and the story telling or acting immense, I very rarely comment on the dresses but I would have preferred to see more of the body shaping in the Rumba and her frock covered this up.

Kimberley & Pasha

American Smooth (Foxtrot) I have to say that this was another inspirational routine from these two, great timing, choreography and musicality, even though you could see how nervous they both were and I agree with Len about the amount of time they were in Ballroom hold, I would have liked more, but still a great job.

Charleston A fast, strong and entertaining Charleston with effortless looking control and fun and even a continuous triple cartwheel to make sure we were left wanting more, what strength and stamina.

Lisa & Robin

Salsa Another lively performance from Lisa, however I did not think her timing was quite up to scratch and her Mambo Breaks were quite heavy footed, the bum twizzle also looked very awkward, I commend your energy and love what you bring to the floor.

American Smooth (Foxtrot) A lovely, lively Chicago performance and Lisa makes everyone watching her smile from inside out and out of all the celebrities from Strictly 2012 you have come the farthest, made me smile the most and hopefully have inspired millions to dance, thank you.

SUNDAY RESULT SHOW A magical winter wonderland opening from our professionals, obviously done for the BBC’s special effects team to have a rehearsal with the artificial snow for the Christmas Special and with Kimberley & Pasha, Louis & Flavia and Dani & Vincent guaranteed a place in next week final and Lisa & Robin and Denise & James battling it out in the most emotional dreaded dance off ever, Lisa gave it her all and Denise was more determined than ever the judges had no easy task, but in the end there was only one place left and they chose Denise & James to dance again in the Final.