With only two weeks left until we crown our Strictly 2012 Champion, and as the competition really starts to get tough the producers decide to throw another spanner in the works by adding ‘Dance Fusion’ where our performers now have to master the style of two dances gelled together.

Denise & James, Jive and Quickstep Denise was definitely in attack mode with their routine this week, with power and attitude shinning through on her jive and great strong kicks and flicks, she did however take a little slip as they started their Quickstep and although her topline was excellent there were several technical issues with footwork and Quickstep styling, but overall a good showpiece.

Lisa & Robin, Tango and Cha Cha Lisa really captured the passion of the Tango and the spirit of the Cha Cha but unfortunately she forgot part of her routine and took several bars of music before she regained control, a great performance, presented extremely well, just a pity about the slip up.

Nicky & Karen, American Smooth (Foxtrot) and Samba Nicky had a great opening to his routine this week and after the first few seconds I thought we were going to be in for a real treat but unfortunately the two different styles became one, the flow and grace of the Foxtrot became almost robotic like and the speed and movements of the Samba looked as if they were almost running on a treadmill, I also thought the choreography let them down as the two styles needed more work to show the different dances.

Dani & Vincent, Charleston and Quickstep Dani looked amazing and their routine was truly amazing, fantastic choreography danced to perfection with both styles shown to their best, a true routine for any Strictly Final.

Louis & Flavia, Tango & Rumba We can now see the emotion in Louis’s dancing, his technique has improved, the Rumba was fluid yet masculine and the Tango showed passion and strength, If anything there was a couple of times when I thought it was over danced and a little intense but only briefly.

Kimberley & Pasha, Cha Cha and Tango The Highest score of the series so far and easily deserving it, again brilliant choreography a perfect sexy performance of the Cha Cha and pure emotion of the Tango, another performance fit for the Strictly Final, the only problem for me is how to pick a winner between Dani and Kimberley as what they both bring to the floor is truly inspirational.

SUNDAY RESULT SHOW For me Saturday’s result show has to be the best Quarter Final we have ever been graced with on Strictly and with an unusual Alice in Wonderland showpiece opening to Sunday’s show the question is how can the Strictly phenomenon keep getting better with only two weeks left? Nicky & Karen and Denise & James in the dreaded dance off and both couples performed their hearts out but Denise & James are through to next week's Semi Final.