As our eight remaining couples become seven and after last weeks high of Wembley, it is now time to pull out all of the stops and aim for the final straight.

Dani & Vincent, Samba Quite a static Samba routine from these two this week, but what a fantastic leg and hip action Dani has developed and what great control she shows on the solo section of the routine, I am so glad the judges have finally given the marks they deserve.

Kimberley & Pasha, Tango What amazing control Kimberley was demonstrating, she must have spent hours on her topline to create the near perfect framing, the power and presentation was phenomenal along with the choreography, yes there was a little slip but I think it was because the energy they were created was so intense and the couple of heel leads Kimberley missed was not even worth mentioning, for me this routine was deserving of a couple of tens.

Victoria & Brendan, Salsa This, I have to say was a good clean Salsa routine with correct and neat Mambo breaks and Salsa basics and with well thought out choreography, Victoria has a nice little Salsa action with good fluid hips and excellent execution of the lift work, yes it is the man who helps you to get up there but it is the girl who holds herself steady, the whole routine was not at all embarrassing and to score it a four I thought was quite disrespectful, You should be very proud Victoria and easily deserving of a severerern.

Louis and Flavia, Paso Doblé Louis had really nice shaping and well controlled cape work, however I thought the true feel of the Paso was missing and the routine had a very safe feeling to it and was a little lacking in personality, it was almost as if Louis had gone backwards by several weeks, the music did not help the interpretation either, come on Louis get your mojo back.

Lisa & Robin, Rumba I love what Lisa & Robin bring to the floor every week but for me this week was their worse routine, I did not feel any true emotion from the performance or the choreography, again as with Louis it felt more like a week two routine than a week eight! Rumba is the dance of love and therefore should be soft, fluid yet with great strength and intensity and I did not feel this from either of them at all there was also lots of incorrect footwork and miss placing of steps, I also think the judges scores were a little high (which I thought I would never say!)

Michael & Natalie, Argentine Tango I think I need to get my television seen to because I think I am watching a different couple than the one the majority of the judges were watching, a very intensive, believable routine with very well controlled lifts and drag (which is harder to control than a lift) it did definitely look like an Argentine despite some of the comments, I thought it was well led and performed, the Argentine is as difficult as a Rumba for a male celebrity to master, and Michael it was really nearly there, well done.

Nicky & Karen, Charleston Again I do not get what the judges were scoring I found this routine quite heavy for the majority of the time, Nicky’s shoulders were far too high and fixed, there was some nice figures but I did not find it light and entertaining and much preferred the Argentine Tango.

Denise & James, American Smooth (Foxtrot) This was Denise’s moment, and if she did not shine in this routine then there was something wrong, it was a pure stage performance, lacking slightly in Foxtrot technique yet performed with grace and beauty.

SUNDAY RESULTS SHOW An unbelievable opening from our female professionals along with Flawless, and it was so nice to see Aliona dancing again. Michael & Natalie and Victoria & Brendan in the dreaded dance off and neither of them deserving to be there, in my opinion, but Victoria did make several obvious mistakes so we see Michael & Natalie dance again next week.