Wembley Week! And what a tribute to the 40’s, 60’s and 80’s opening from all our performers including a full military band.

(Only on Strictly) but which of our celebrities would be hat trick scoring centre forward winner, and which will be a penalty shoot out looser?

And all live in front of six thousand enthusiasts at Wembley and eleven million over the airwaves!

Lisa & Robin Samba

How nerve raking, must it be to open this show? And what a lively opening from these two it was, however I did feel that Lisa lost a little energy half way through the routine and there were times when she was showing signs struggling, a fabulous performance just needed a bit more stamina.

Nicky & Karen Jive

A great opening to their routine this week with some good Jive content and a difficult pull through Penguin Roll, if anything it was a little heavy at times but a great effort and showmanship demonstrated by Nicky.

Denise & James Charleston

What a great Charleston action Denise has and yet another excellent performance which was an easy ten, but Denise does seriously need to work on her leg strength as all her kicks did look laboured and slow, for me it was a great upper body, shame about the lower half, although the judges are wowed by her performance they do need to look at her footwork a little closer. Do you agree?

Louis & Flavia American Smooth (Quickstep)

For me this was not one of Louis’s strongest performances however his floor craft and timing are truly inspirational, his feet though are still a little pigeon toed in places and a few of the chasse’s were a little skippy, but great content and choreography, and just to clarify the little confusion there seemed to be, American Smooth can be danced in any of the five standard rhythms.

Richard & Erin Salsa

Not a bad effort from Richard this week, but I did not understand the three male dancers or the turtles and dolphins swimming around until my wife pointed out it was to give it a tropical feel, but for me it was just a distraction from a quite heavy footed slow Salsa.

Victoria & Brendan Paso Doblé

Victoria is still definitely improving; I loved her performance value and dramatic interpretation including well executed Paso steps, but the music and the fluidity of the routine was not strong enough to carry the true Paso feeling for me.

Dani & Vincent Quickstep

A qwerky, quality Quickstep, full of intricate timing and great choreography, a true Quickstep demonstrated wonderfully and should easily, in my opinion, have scored one if not two marks higher than the Charleston.

Kimberley & Pasha Samba

Quite a lively performance with some good Samba content however, I did feel that it was a little heavy in places and maybe just a little lacking in the carnival spirit, which I think was because of the speed of the music. I love these two performing but now I have come to expect a little more.

Michael & Natalie American Smooth (Foxtrot)

A great show stopping routine with good content, control and charisma encompassing great shaping, style and sway, Michael you are now dancing and deserve to be in the semi final with this performance.

Overall this evening I thought all the dancers looked tired, including the professionals, was it because they were overwhelmed by the whole experience, or have they been over rehearsed? It was a great show but have the Beeb over worked them?

Sunday Results Show

What a fabulous Jiving opening to some of the most iconic Rock N Roll hits ever, on Sundays result show, but with Richard & Erin and Nicky and Karen in the dreaded dance off, both couples performing well the second time and either couple knowing that if they were to leave the competition they could do so with their heads held high, but we see Nicky & Karen back in the Ballroom next week.