Which of our couples will trick us into thinking they are better than they really are? And which would treat us into a fantastic demonstration of true dance finesse? Opening the show this week was all of our dancers performing to Michael Jacksons Iconic ‘Thriller’ and each and every one of them all gave a top performance to a true entertaining routine.

Dani & Vincent Cha Cha

A great technical cha cha routine from Dani this week, full of pure rhythm and hip action, a little heavy footed in places but with a great knee and foot action developing, even though it was difficult to stop staring at Vincent who looked like a young Rod Stewart.

Richard & Erin Paso Doblé

 I loved the entrance to their routine this week, the passion and drama Richard installed was far stronger than we have seen him perform in other routines, most parts were performed really well however, the promenade walks and the Chasse Cape’s were still rather limp.

Lisa & Robin Charleston

 No one can argue as I think Lisa is looking fabulous, again another lively routine from these two this week, however I thought Lisa lost speed and energy in the second half of the routine, and the Charleston step was quite lame and needed to be higher on the toe which helps to create the swivelling action, Lisa & Robin need to up their game now as their performances are all becoming quite samey.

Sid & Ola Cha Cha

Back Spins, Bum Twizzles and Drop Kicks, all tough steps for a guy to lead, but there were lots of heel leads and clumpy chasse steps which did make me cringe a little.

Nicky & Karen Tango

 Nicky’s dancing is definitely improving and out of all the other male celebrities he is one of the strongest, last week I commented on his bent knees being over bent and this week they were not bent enough which consequently made him too straight legged, as a result of this his steps became stompy, but overall I thought it was a good attempt.

Fern & Artem American Smooth (Foxtrot)

 Fern has a beautiful leg line and extensions, but she was slightly behind with her timing a couple of times, I would also have preferred a little more content to the routine, but there was grace and beauty throughout.

Denise & James Cha Cha

I have to say that I was a little disappointed in their performance this week, Denise is one of my favourites in the competition and we have now come to expect more from both of them, the dramatised sections were very good but when they were dancing the Cha Cha her leg and hip action was far too forced and she was restricted in her leg length.

Michael & Natalie Quickstep

 A great little lively Quickstep from Michael this week with good choreography and style developing, a little more attention needed to the footwork especially on the heel leads, but great shaping and topline, good work.

Victoria & Brendan Tango

A much better performance from Victoria this week there was good technique and staccato timing, if anything I would have preferred to see a closed hold position which holds the upper bodies together more, but Victoria is definitely moving up the leader board.

Colin & Kristina Salsa

Colin can shift and his lift control is one of the strongest I have ever seen on a series of Strictly, however the basic Salsa action was not saucy enough and it was danced quite flat footed, but great musicality and light approach.

Louis & Flavia Tango

Come on Louis, a great opening to their routine, brilliant dramatisation along with very good technique, again I would prefer to see a more closed hold position, but a beautiful interpretation well danced and easily deserving of a nine.

Kimberley & Pasha Paso Doblé

A very good dramatised Paso, a little too forced in places rather than being strong and controlled, there was some nice shaping and gorgeous leg lines, just over danced but this could be down to nerves.


A full on show choreographed number from our professional dancers to Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ to open the results show, Sid & Ola and Colin & Kristina in the bottom two this week, but fortunately we see Colin & Kristina dance again next week.