Africa conjures up images of vast savannahs populated by lions, rhinos and elephants, as well as rich culture: the tribes, the music, the dance.

In short, it has always seemed to be a place of excitement and adventure; the ultimate destination for the seasoned backpacker, at the ready with their tent and mosquito net, not somewhere for extravagant hotels.

But for those unwilling to don backpacks but dying to feel the “angel’s kiss” at Victoria Falls, it now seems Indiana Jones can order room service.

At the five-star Royal Livingstone Hotel the luxury was easy to spot: the pool, the spa massages on the banks of the Zambezi, the butler service in the hotel room.

And yet the adventure was also in clear view: the lolling hippos as we approached in the taxi and the giraffes, zebras and monkeys which roam freely about the hotel’s grounds.

There are various ways to see the falls and I tried them all.

The first is the walking tour which takes you right up to the top the falls and then on to the Knife Edge Bridge directly in front of the cascading water.

Here, the spray is so dense that it rains in every direction.

To gain another perspective, I was taken to Livingstone Island which lies on the very tip of the falls and enables viewers to stand on the very edge.