EVEN though Colin Fry’s shows deal with matters spiritual, it’s clear he still got his feet firmly on the ground as far as his audiences are concerned.

“You have got to be aware that the economic situation has changed,” he said.

“As a result I’ve made a conscious decision keep my ticket prices down for the tour.

“I’ve also listened to what fans have said about shows in big city venues where they have to pay a lot in car parking, so I’m tending to visit more local theatres taking the show to them rather than them having to come to me.”

From hit TV shows such as Sixth Sense and his ever popular live appearances, Colin has become one of the country’s most popular mediums.

He is putting the finishing touches to his autobiography, The Happy Medium, which is due out at the end of May and he will be touring extensively throughout the year including two dates at the Thwaites Empire Theatre at Ewood next Thursday and Friday and also at Burnley Mechanics in April.

“On average I will do between 120 and 160 shows a year,” he said, “and I also have my aromatherapy business to run but I take so much pleasure out of it, I don’t see it like work.

“People who dig roads for a living or put in a 12 hour shift in a factory work hard. What I do I enjoy and get enormous pleasure from.”

Colin’s fans are extremely loyal, many often going to a number of shows on a tour. He also spends up to two hours a day talking to them on Facebook and yet, he acknowledges there are still sceptics who question what he does. I don’t intend to convert anyone,” he said. “To be honest I don’t care what people think about me, but what I do ask is that they respect my audience.

“My shows are about 85 per cent communication and 15 per cent entertainment but even when I might be talking specifically to one member of the audience, I believe it may still have relevance to many others there.”

*Colin Fry is at the Thwaites Empire Theatre, Ewood, on Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10. Details from 01254 685500.

He appears at Burnley Mechanics on Thursday, April 26, details from 01282 664400.