Address: L'italiano Pizzeria, Blackburn Market, Church Street, Blackburn, BB1 5AF.

Lancashire Telegraph review by Jemma Humphreys from September 15, 2011

THE leaflets say the secret’s in the recipe of the dough from the finest flour maker in Italy.

And what I’d pay to know that recipe. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new stall, mainly because it seemed too good to be true.

The offer of the day when we visited was any nine inch pizza, with two toppings plus a drink, for just £3.99.

At that price I'd have settled for the standard of your average takeaway. But these pizzas are literally as nice as you get on the Continent.

Eaten in Blackburn market's food area, minus the sunshine and the fine wine, it’s not quite the same experience, and you do have to serve yourself.

But the pizzas more than make up for the less exotic surroundings.

With stringy mozzarella, fresh toppings and their secret pizza base, they really hit the spot.

I went for a Pizza Bella with cherry tomato, sliced potato, red onion and chilli drizzle, it was one of the best pizzas I've had of late and the chilli gave a great kick to the flavour.

Another choice in the group was Don Giovanni — ham and pineapple. The meat was top quality and the pineapple chunks were of generous proportions.

My friend and colleague made her own with the mozzarella and tomato basic base, adding olives and jalapenos.

And you couldn’t accuse L’Italiano of holding back with its toppings. Each pizza came with ample extras.

Some of the jalapenos were left over, there were so many.

All pizzas are served piping hot in a pizza box, ready sliced. There’s 15 per cent off for students and there's an offer of the day.

The choice of drinks is limited, with water, lemonade or orange the only options.

But when the pizzas are this good you don't care what you’re drinking.