Address: 10 Bolton Road, Edgworth, BL7 0DS.

Phone number: 01204 852369.

The Bolton News review by Saiqa Chaudhari from August 4, 2011.

IT was a surprising stroke of luck that the tea rooms at Turton Tower were closed.

A walk around the picturesque grounds and a tour of the historic and most interesting building left my friend and I quite ravenous, and looking forward to lunch at the tea rooms.

Unfortunately, as we arrived the traditional-style cafe was closing, and all they could offer us was a cake, a cold drink and an meaningful apology.

And she recommended a restaurant just further up the road, Olives Bistro and Wine Bar in the quiet village of Edgworth.

The delicious smells coming from the cafe made us even more hungry, if that was at all possible, and without hesitation we took up her recommendation, driving the short distance to the restaurant.

Given the name, I was expecting an Italian-style restaurant, but to my surprise it was a delightful mix of traditional English and continental food.

Menus outlining the specials, Sunday menu and everyday fare were presented to us, making the choice next to impossible.

A cold orange juice and lemonade was most welcome as we pondered, shortlisting meals before making our choice out of a comprehensive menu with each dish sounding as moreish as the next one.

The traditional exterior betrays the modern interior, but the contrasts work and complement each other, giving another twist on this surprising find.

At first, it seemed touch and go whether we would get a table as the waitress scrutinised the bookings before finally saying there was a table available.

We were shown to a lovely corner full of old charm and character away from the main dining area.

The numerous mouthwatering starters led to us picking two with the intention of sharing, goats parcel (at £4.95) and stuffed mushrooms (at £5.25).

The portions were perfect, as they left us wanting more rather than worrying whether we would have room for a main meal.

For the second course, I opted for traditional platter of fish and chips (priced at £8.95) while my friend decided on steak pudding (£8.95).

And with generous-sized portions, it was a most satisfying meal, and I was loathe to leave any.

This is the one time, I wish I could do as the Americans do and order a “to go” box, although I fear returning to fish and chips a couple of hours later would not quite be the same experience.

A selection of desserts, which after two courses, are there to be shared, including home-made ice cream.

The staff at the restaurant were on the right side of attentive.

The meal and drinks, including a tip came to £36.

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