The Resident Evil series has so often sought to push the boundaries of survival horror gaming.

And, just when you feel it’s been backed into a dark, zombie-infested corner about to become a parody of itself, the franchise has shifted from third person fixed-camera classic to the more involved, incredible action from Resident Evil 4, and now a team-based shooter where you must tackle all that the Umbrella Corporations and its world wrongdoings may throw at you from the time of the initial outbreak in Raccoon City.

Cue a next-gen beauty of a shooter, where special ops soldiers and every brand of zombie from the first four titles must be dispatched as ruthlessly as possible, using a mixture of team-based tactics.

Following the single-player fun, take the battle online where an excellent multiplayer awaits, bringing the hi-def undead experience to a gore-filled climax.

A great new direction for Resident Evil fans to flock towards.