COOL hair, shiny matching costumes and a new synth-laden sound marks a new era for Alphabeat.

The Danish group’s overwhelming popularity following their chart hit Fascination has given them a chance to develop their sound.

Their stage persona is strong, but it’s the glorious two-part harmonies and catchy melodies that made this gig a guaranteed good thing.

Entering with an exuberance that carried throughout the whole performance, front man Anders SG’s infectious enthusiasm carries the live show.

His pure energy ensures his ‘lunatic-with-a-tambourine’ status is unmatched and he manages to lead the crowd into a frenzy.

Boyfriend, What Is Happening and 10,000 Nights are met with the usual sing-a-long joy and the gig was enhanced by a group of particularly militant pop fans who insisted on moshing to Fascination.

By the time Stine led an anthemic cover of Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody the audience had reached fever pitch.

Though the new material relies heavily on a fond sense of nostalgia for early 90s dance, it still feels fresh and bodes well for the second album.

Latest single The Spell is undeniably very good, relying on Stine to carry the majority of the vocals and introducing a strong synth-laden bass line. This is good time dance music.

It set the tone for an altogether uplifting gig which saw an overexcited Preston crowd get all the more sweaty and vocal throughout.

A fun night and a promising introduction to the new album.