IT’S all singing all dancing later this month as children’s TV favourites from Channel 5’s Milkshake stop off in Blackburn on their UK tour.

With Noddy, FiFi and Bumble and Bananas in Pyjamas, children will be guaranteed a great time.

Another star of the show, is Jen Pringle, daily presenter of Milkshake who has built the pre-school audience that will attend the fun-filled show.

“There’s so much energy on the stage and the audience really love it, parents too! We have been on tour since last year, so we know all the moves now,” said Jen who has presented the show for seven years.

The show features new songs and dance moves, and music that the adults will enjoy as much as the children, according to Jen.

She said: “There are some classic tunes to sing and dance along to and the adults will enjoy it just as much as the children. It’s a show full of energy and laughter too. We have been on tour since August and after performing up and down the country, the parents always say how much they enjoy the show.”

Milkshake was established 12 years ago and runs from 6am every weekday. The presenters Naomi, Kemi, Beth, Derek and Jen are on a rota, juggling live performances and presenting stints in London.

“It’s a team effort and we all take turns at presenting the show and then we take turns going out on the road,” said Jen who will be joined in Blackburn by Milkshake’s newest presenter Olivia.

The two presenters will entice the characters out of a giant television screen, who each take turns to dance. But how will they get back into the screen, ready for the next morning’s programme?

Jen added: “We involve the children as much as we can and they absolutely love it.

“We get them to shout as loud as they can too. For some children, it’s their first trip to the theatre so we try to make them have as much fun as possible so that they come back and enjoy being at the theatre.

“It’s also really lovely to see the children in front of us and meet our fans.”

  • Milkshake Live! King George’s Hall, Blackburn, Tuesday, July 23. More details from 0844 847 1664.