BAFTA-nominated comedy magicians Barry and Stuart are coming to Burnley with their spectacular show that will guarantee to leave you feeling spooked.

With their UK tour Show and Tell currently on the road, the pair are enjoying making their mark with live shows as well as performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Split into two parts, the first is the ‘Show’, crammed full of illusions with dark edge humour. This is followed by the second part, the ‘Tell’, where Barry and Stuart will exclusively reveal and teach the audience all the secrets and techniques behind the tricks.

“We have always noticed that we live in the information age. There’s old people who come to see magic shows because they want to believe in everything and there are people who are sceptical and they leave trying to figure out how absolutely everything is done. So, we have done this show for both types of audience and give them the option to see how we do it and most people do want to see how we do it. In this show we interact with the audience, the ones who have a Facebook or Twitter account. Then afterwards we reveal what and how we do it,” said Barry.

They have been a hit with Penn and Teller and have been described by Derren Brown as ‘The most consistently original, creative and exciting force in British magic’.

And because the young talent can combine comedy as well as magic, Barry and Stewart say that their material is always improving and will continue to evolve.

“We try and stay away from what other magicians are doing and we both meet up all of the time to come up with creative new ideas and the most current ideas are the loopholes in technology. We get inspiration everywhere,” said Stuart.

The Aberdeenshire-born magicians received some of the highest viewings over Christmas and Easter with their TV specials, The Magic of Jesus and Tricks from the Bible in which the pair visited Egypt to walk on water.

They have been an internet sensation with millions of hits on BBC iPlayer, with their tricks that have racked up millions of hits and had people all over the world convinced that they had real psychic powers.

With an agenda that will keep them busy for the vicinity, both former Young Scottish Magicians of the Year are still drawn to produce a nail-biting audience, with séances and ghostly goings-on.

“Growing up in the North East of Scotland, well there wasn’t much sun. We have always been interested in horror movies and ghost stories and special effects. The first thing that we did was a series of short films that planted us our fortune. We are going back to something that we did a couple of years ago, back into the world of ghosts and poltergeists, by using magic and illusions to make the show work,” added Barry.

  • Barry and Stuart’s Show and Tell, Burnley Mechanics, Wednesday, March 20. Details from 01282 664400.