TINA Turner impressionist Justine Riddoch tells a wonderful tale about an early venture into the world of club tribute singing.

“I entered a competition in Liverpool as a pretty awful Cher, with Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones and Roy Orbison, and when the judge announced the winner all hell broke loose,” she said.

“One of Whitney Houston’s family punched the poor old judge, Rod Stewart was led away in a pair handcuffs, a 22 stone Elvis got an umbrella on his head and I lost a shoe as they bundled Tom Jones into a police van.

“The story got in the national press, ‘The night Elvis beat Whitney.’

“I still see Elvis now and again and we have a real giggle about it.”

Justine has travelled a long and winding road since that madcap night of musical mayhem, most notably when she reached the final of Stars in Their Eyes as a doppelganger for singer Anastacia seven years ago.

“The presenter, Matthew Kelly, told me, ‘This night will change your life,’ and it did in terms of recognition because I sing all over the world now.”

Justine dismisses The X Factor, adding: “The whole show is horrendous and I hate it when they humiliate the contestants.

“It reflects the country, the way we like to build a person up and knock then down again. We enjoy laughing at people instead of encouraging them for making an effort and The X Factor is not representative of the excellent amateur talent I see on the circuit.”

Totally Tina’s perky show is a delightful bag of pick ’n’ mix songs from Turner’s incredible back story.

Her explosive tribute concert features exciting dance routines, hand made replica costume changes, and a breathtaking impersonation of the lady herself will leave you feeling like you’ve seen ther real thing.

“I’ve never seen Tina live or met her, but I feel like I know her because she is an amazing icon for women of a certain age,” she said.

“I think they relate to her, and the pain she went through during her marriage to Ike Turner.

“There’s a lot of raw emotion in her songs and she was probably more famous in her fifties than in her youth. Anastacia was easy to do, but I’m a Scouser and to get that American accent right and perfect her dance moves on stage was my biggest challenge.

“The best compliment I received was from my husband.

“When he saw me do Tina for the first time he said, ‘Blimey. It could have been Tina Turner up there on stage.’"

  • Totally Tina, Clitheroe Grand Theatre, December 7. 01200 421599.