AWARD-winning duo Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman have got plenty to keep them busy before they head out on tour.

There’s the matter of recording a new album for a start, their first since 2015’s Tomorrow Will Follow Today,

“We’re just trying to do as much as we can,” said Kathryn, “because once the tour starts next week, we’re out on the road until the end of November.”

Twice voted Duo of the Year at the BBC Radio Two Folk Awards - including in 2016 - the couple’s blend of traditional and modern songs has seen them establish themselves as one of the folk world’s most popular live acts.

Next Thursday they play Barnoldswick Music and Arts Centre.

“I love that area,” said Kathryn. “My grandma came from Colne and I still have family around Pendle. I may be Barnsley born and bred but I can see it from both sides,” she laughed.

Kathryn said that she’s hoping the new album will be out in March in time for a spring tour.

“It’s just a question of finding the time to do it,” she said. “We have the songs and we know what we’re going to do. We even have the artwork which for us is amazing.”

Some of the songs from the album have been part of the couple’s live set at festivals over the summer.

“We have had the luxury of being able to road test them,” said Kathryn. “It’s given us a chance to see what they are like when played live and to see what works and what doesn’t work with an audience.

“I think we’ve both enjoyed getting back to recording, it feels like it’s been a long time.”

Sean is much in demand as a producer; he’s worked with the likes of The Willows, Show of Hands and Imelda May, and the couple have their own home studio.

“That’s ideal for us,” said Kathryn. “As well as writing and touring, we have the kids and we’re running the business side of being a duo. So we can go into the studio when we can, do a few takes and leave it for a while.

“It’s when you go back to songs, sometimes days later, that you can assess them properly and perhaps just make that one change they need.”

When it comes to the studio, Sean is very much in charge and Kathryn believes it actually helps that they are married.

“Sean just has this natural ability in the studio, he has a golden pair of ears,” she said. “So when we get to the studio it’s very much Sean’s vision.

“Because we’ve been together for so long we are very good and reading each others moods.

“It also means we don’t have to tiptoe round each other which cuts out a lot of wasted time. If I’ve done a take and Sean’s not happy with it, he’ll just say so, and we’ll do it again. I respect what he’s saying and we just get on with it. There’s no falling out.”

Although the new album is well underway, one aspect - the title - remains undecided.

“We made the mistake of asking the kids what they thought it should be called,” said Kathryn. “Among the suggestions so far have been Hippo Road and The Fat Lady Sings. We definitely won’t be using either of those!”

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Barnoldswick Music and Arts Centre, Thursday, October 5. Details from 01282 813 374