THERE are four people having a lot of fun in Wolf Alice and their searing new single, Yuk Foo, two minutes and four seconds of rampaging rock and roll, is a booming transmitter of sonic sound.

“It definitely reflects our angry side, but we didn’t go out to shock people with it,” said the band’s guitarist Joff Oddie, one of the founder members of Wolf Alice.

“You know, one of those moments, when you hear a song for the first time and you’re all dancing around. It just worked for us.”

The song is culled from Wolf Alice’s new album – Visions of a Life – which is due for release next Friday.

The London quartet – led by Ellie Roswell’s deadly siren vocals – have drawn comparisons to Hole and Elastica, and have been placed in pigeon holes as far apart as folk and grunge.

“We’ve had two mad years on the road, playing 275 shows, and we’ve had the most amazing time, going to Japan, Australia and all over Europe,” added Joff.

“We did five tours of America and signed to an American label.

“It has been a total privilege.

“I’m so grateful for that experience and it is a bit like, ‘Oh My God, what happened there’ because everything went so quickly.

“But the album is a diary; little snap shots of our life really, and the different views and visions we all have of the world from seeing it.”

Fluffy, their 2013 single of rolling guitars, planted Wolf Alice firmly on the map.

But they have flown into the stratosphere since, playing on the main stage at Glastonbury, and they headline Manchester Apollo in November.

Their rise has been spectacular earning them nominations for the Mercury prize, an Ivor Novello Award, a Brit for Breakthrough Act and a Grammy for Best Rock Performance.They also took an NME Award for Best Live Band. in 2016.

”It’s funny, we met a manager who has looked after bands since the 1970s and when we returned home, he said he’d never seen a group after such a lengthy time away still having a laugh together,” said Joff.

“It think that is testament to our great friendship.

“We really know and respect each other, and that’s vitally important.”

Joff has a strong link to East Lancashire, where his cousin Lara and uncle Bill run Oddies Bakers, based in Nelson, and are famous for their mouth-watering pies, sandwiches and fondant ices.

It was Lara who convinced Joss to chase his rock and roll dream instead of choosing a career in teaching when they talked at a family wedding several years ago.

Lara said: “I went with my daughters to see Joff play in Manchester last year and I couldn’t get over how powerful Wolf Alice were.

“It was just the weirdest thing, to see one of your family on stage as a rock star.

“We are all very proud of him – and it has certainly improved my daughter’s street credibility, telling her friends at school that Joff is in Wolf Alice.”

Wolf Alice will play live at HMV in Manchester on Thursday, October 5 at 5.30pm. They also play Manchester Apollo on Thursday, November 9.