Model, singer and TV presenter Sam Fox will be among the stars celebrating Pete Waterman’s Hit Factory at Livewire Festival the Livewire Festival in Blackpool over the Bank Holiday weekend. Here she answers a few questions before heading North

At the Livewire Festival you will be part of Pete Waterman’s Hits Factory including Jason Donovan, Pepsi and Shirlie and Go West. Is this like getting back with some old friends?

It’s gonna be fab to all get together again. There’s been a big 80s revival going on for the last five years or so and it’s still going strong. Over the past few years I’ve been doing many 80s shows all over the world. It’s amazing how many of the loyal fans come along but what’s really interesting is the amount of young people that come along too. They seem to love 80s music!

What can we expect from you at Livewire?

I’ll be bringing my four fabulous dancers. We’ve been together now over 10 years. I will sing all my hits. It will be very upbeat and exciting. A lot of fun and a few surprises.

The Eighties are a special decade which seem to mean so much to people. What do the Eighties mean to you?

It was obviously an amazing time for me as my career took off big time – reaching top five on both sides of the Atlantic and reaching No. 1 in 17 countries around the world. Music was very experimental with new technology. It was also very exciting with sing-a-long chorus’s and the clothes, hair, make up represented a sense of fun and outrageousness.

Many people know you through your modelling days but would it be true to say that music has always been your first love?

Maybe in the UK that’s true, but across the world, it wasn’t. Yes, music was always my first love. I went to a singing and acting school from the age of five. My first singing role was on BBC TV when I was 10. My first band was at school, aged 14, and I was in a band called SFX before any modelling.

You can be regarded as an international pop star but do you think that the UK isn’t really aware of how successful you have been?

I think they are more aware now – especially with the internet and YouTube etc. That’s why it was important to do Celebrity Big Brother last year, so that a new generation could get to know me. Performing at the Isle Of Wight Festival was amazing as well with lots of young fans coming to see me.

At the Livewire Festival you will be playing outdoors on the Headland stage on the promenade. Where are some of the more unusual venues you’ve played over the years?

I recently performed on a cruise ship from Norway to Denmark which sounds glamorous but as soon as we left dock a huge storm from hell appeared. The equipment was falling everywhere and I could hardly keep my balance and most of the audience were sea sick and throwing up!

What do you think has been your most memorable gig so far?

My stadium tour of the USA with New Kids On The Block as my support back in 1989 -90. It was hysteria all round.

Tell us how you ended up playing with Motorhead live on stage

I’d been really good friends with Lemmy since I was 16 or 17. We worked together on a song, so it just seemed natural. Great memories and a great man.

What are you listening to at the moment?

A singer/songwriter called Laura Pergolizzi who is known as LP.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

A retrospective Fox Box Set - two DVDs of all my videos and two CDs of my hits, rarities. Bonus footage, behind the scenes etc. Coming out at the end of July. New album and my autobiography in November and lots of concerts in between.

Sam Fox is part of Pete Waterman’s Hits Factory featuring Jason Donovan, Pepsi and Shirlie, Sinitta Go West and Nathan Moore, LIvewire Festival, Blackpool Headland, Saturday, August 26. Details from