THE Pet Shop Boys return to the UK next week when they bring their spectacular Super tour to Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom.

Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant will perform songs from their most recent album, Super, plus classic Pet Shop Boys hits.

In a career spanning over 35 years, the Pet Shop Boys and with sales of over 50 million worldwide, the duo are the most successful in UK music history.

The Super tour is a lavish production with the show having premiered at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

The Blackpool date will see Chris return to his home town. He grew up in Blackpool and was a pupil at Arnold School.

Super follows on from the album Electric which saw the Pet Shop Boys re-enter the charts on both side of the Atlantic.

Chris revealed that the album title was inspired by writing sessions they had in Berlin.

“I was walking to the studio one day and I kept imagining Germans saying “super”, because they say ‘super’ in a certain way and they say ‘super’ a lot., “ he said. “I just thought “Oh, super because we’d been through a few titles.

“Also I could always imagine doing a ‘Super Hits Tour’.”

Neil added: “Super is also an international word, it’s a Latin word in fact.”

The Pet Shop Boys spent much of their time in Germany

“We have a little studio in Berlin that we use and we go there to write,” said Neil.

“ We also have a studio in London but for Super, a lot of the time we worked in Berlin.

“We started going over there for two or three weeks at a time and were just writing. Over this period, which would be from November 2014 to July 2015, we wrote about 25 songs and 11 of them are on the album.”

The pair were buoyed by the success of Electric and fans have commented on Super being a return to a ‘classic’ Pet Shop Boys sound.

“We wanted to make an album that had a very strong electronic mood all the way through it,” said Neil. “It felt like Electric had been a sort of “rebooting” of the Pet Shop Boys, reminding ourselves that we came into this whole thing because we liked electronic music.”

The Super tour has been designed by Es Devlin and choreographed by Lynne Page.

Neil said: “On the last tour, and the tour before, we worked with Es and Lynne.

“They know from working with us that the conventions of the pop/rock concert don’t have to be observed – apart from the practicality that we can get the show in a venue and get it out again.

“Also with our shows there’s not a story line but there is a sort of through line that links the whole and Lynne is particularly good at achieving that with the choreography. And we like working with dancers. “

The Pet Shop Boys, Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, Wednesday, June 21. Details from