Review: Rawtenstall Cricket Club, Rawtenstall

10:11am Monday 2nd June 2014

THE people have spoken and by popular demand from today the Lancashire Telegraph takeaway review is veering in a different direction as the summer hopefully springs into life.

Review: Enfield Cricket Club, Dill Hall Lane, Accrington

4:37pm Thursday 22nd May 2014

AS regular readers of this weekly waffle will be well aware I am more than partial to food that is not a kebab.

Review: The Red Brick Tea Room, Todmorden Cricket Club

11:40am Thursday 8th May 2014

WATCHING cricket in the Lancashire League is one of life’s little treasures. There are few finer ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than to take in the action at one of the 14 famous grounds.

Review: Kismat Kebab House, Manchester Road, Nelson

12:30pm Thursday 1st May 2014

NELSON has long been well served with takeaways, many of which last the course and stand the test of time.

Review: McDonald's, King William Street, Blackburn

11:53am Thursday 24th April 2014

WALK past any McDonald’s at pretty much any time of the day and you are pretty much guaranteed to be greeted by a large group of teenagers hovering close to the door.

Review: Khan’s Railway Street, Nelson

10:25am Tuesday 22nd April 2014

AS I have written about on numerous occasions in this column over the years the town of Nelson cannot be accused of being short on the takeaway front.

Review: The Pound Bakery, Blackburn Mall

12:16pm Thursday 10th April 2014

BUYING something for a pound is some people’s idea of fun. I mean just look at the number of pound (or even 99p) shops that have sprung up around East Lancashire over the years.

Review: Happy Haddock, Blackburn

3:21pm Friday 21st March 2014

IT is a policy of this column - honestly it is not just thrown together - that when a takeaway gets a ‘makeover’ it will get a second review.

Review: Captain Cook's, Railway Street, Nelson

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Captain Cook's, Railway Street, Nelson

12:10pm Thursday 13th March 2014

HALF of East Lancashire had a beast of a day on Sunday.

Review: Follies Abbey Street, Accrington

3:08pm Thursday 6th February 2014

MANY apologies dear reader, my standards have been slipping in recent weeks - and seven days ago I slipped to new depths when I mentioned the ‘S’ word in this very column.

Review: MANNING’S, Burnley Market Hall

10:45am Thursday 30th January 2014

PEOPLE who know me and those that don’t but follow these weekly musings will know that I have an admiration for a ‘proper’ butty and a ‘proper’ pie.

Review: Dales Pies, Blackburn Market

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Dales Pies, Blackburn  Market

2:40pm Thursday 12th December 2013

THERE is a suggestion made by many people that I am quite partial to the odd pie. Sometimes I will even enjoy two or even three if they are particularly good ones.

Review: Poppadom City, Brierfield

3:15pm Thursday 21st November 2013

BRIERFIELD used to be known for its pubs. Back in the day you would need some serious stamina to make it through the town on a Friday night crawl before then heading off to the bright lights and nightclubs of Burnley or Nelson.

Review: Haffner's, Market Hall, Burnley

4:21pm Thursday 31st October 2013

PIES really are a thing of beauty - especially in this part of the world.

Review: Oasis, Blackburn

3:05pm Thursday 24th October 2013

BLACKBURN’S Oasis is a regular haunt of mine - but read on. This is not a re-hash of an old review, nor a blatant case of lazy eating.

Review: FOLLIES Manchester Road, Nelson

11:09am Tuesday 22nd October 2013

I’VE just spent two weeks in bonny Scotland - and I really wanted to bring you, the reader, an insight into some of the finest fast food available north of the Border.

Review: Taste of India, Barrowford

5:08pm Thursday 19th September 2013

THANKS to the happy and nearly always pleasurable knack of penning these weekly words quite a few of my mates reckon my diet consists entirely of kebabs and fried chicken - maybe even at the same time.

Review: The Codfather, Accrington Road, Burnley

11:45am Friday 13th September 2013

SOMETIMES it’s all in the name.

Review: Oddie's Bakery, Blackburn

6:04pm Friday 6th September 2013

ODDIES is an East Lancashire insitition. The Nelson-based bakery has been around for more than 100 years - and people who don’t like their pies and pastries really don’t know their foodstuffs in my considered opinion.

Review: Chang's, Blackburn

3:51pm Thursday 22nd August 2013

A COUPLE of years ago I had one of my worst dining experiences when I got a takeaway from Chang’s in Blackburn’s Darwen Street.

Review: The Nile Original, Limefield, Blackburn

5:10pm Thursday 15th August 2013

SOME people say you should never go back. If you have a good meal at a takeaway, invariably your chances of having a bad ’un next time up are seriously increased.

Review: Miami Fried Chicken, Darwen Street, Blackburn

4:24pm Thursday 8th August 2013

INSTEAD of a food review, can I write about the 12 pints of Guinness I am going to drink?’

Review: MI MI’S Bacup Road, Rawtenstall

4:49pm Thursday 1st August 2013

A DAY out in Rawtenstall normally finishes for me with the delights of the famous Ilex Chippy.

Review: The New Hong Kong, Colne Road, Burnley

5:36pm Thursday 25th July 2013

I AM still reeling from the shock of seeing salad mentioned in this column the other week.

Review: Sizzles and Grills, Blackburn

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Sizzles, Blackburn

3:56pm Thursday 18th July 2013

“I’ve never seen anyone eat in that place over the road,” mused a pal of mine the other night as I got stuck into a post-work pint in Blackburn town centre.

Review: The Eatin’ Place & Takeaway, Blackburn

4:20pm Thursday 11th July 2013

SANDWICHES: You know you’re on to a winner when it takes more than one attempt to eat.

Review: Harry’s, Johnston Street, Blackburn

4:29pm Thursday 4th July 2013

AS advertising slogans for a takeaway go, it is, how shall we say, unusual.

Review: Zorba, Haslingden

4:11pm Thursday 20th June 2013

THE beauty of the cricket season — well to me anyway — means I get the chance to head to all corners of East Lancashire.

Review: The Balti House, Rishton

5:36pm Thursday 13th June 2013

THE start of cricket’s Twenty20 season can mean only one thing for me . . . it’s kebab time.

Review: Morrison's Salad Bar, Blackburn

2:12pm Friday 31st May 2013

THIS week’s takeaway review is for those readers seeking an alternative to regular columnist Matt Donlan’s tour of East Lancashire kebab shops.

Review: Rau Senh, Brierfield

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Rau Senh, Brierfield

4:47pm Friday 24th May 2013

SIMPLE things can often offer the greatest of pleasures.

Review: Ling Hu, Clitheroe

5:37pm Friday 17th May 2013

PEOPLE assume, often with pages of evidence to back up their presumption, that I only eat kebabs and pies.

Review: Tasty Spot, Blackburn

1:25pm Friday 10th May 2013

EXPERTS in merchandising always insist their job is important. They say that how they promote a product, whether it be a tin of beans or a £100k sports car, really does matter.

Review: Bedford’s Cooked Meat, Blackburn Market

3:14pm Friday 3rd May 2013

A COOKED meat stall may not seem like the most obvious of choices when it comes to grabbing your lunch – but sometimes it is well worth trying something different.

Review: Pyramids, Blackburn

5:50pm Friday 26th April 2013

The name Pyramids conjures up all manner of exotic images.

Review: WOKSTAR, Blackburn

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: WOKSTAR, Blackburn

3:25pm Friday 19th April 2013

ONE of the problems of penning takeaway reviews is that some people actually believe that my entire diet consists solely of pies and kebabs.

Review: Dixy Fried Chicken, Blackburn

4:31pm Friday 12th April 2013

EVEN in an area where the boom industry appears to be the takeaway, sometimes you can start to run out of options.

Review: Domino's Pizza, Burnley

3:33pm Friday 5th April 2013

REGULAR readers of this column – and yes, there are a few of those cherished people – will be well aware that I rarely venture too far away from a kebab shop.

Review: Polash, Darwen

2:40pm Friday 15th March 2013

AFTER ordering a takeaway from Polash, I was told to collect the food in 40 minutes.

Review: DOBO, Nelson

1:46pm Friday 8th March 2013

NELSON is awash with takeaways. It seems that just about everywhere you turn there is a kebab shop, an Indian or a fried chicken franchise

Review: Abaseen, New Bank road, Blackburn

5:43pm Friday 1st March 2013

MY mother — and no doubt many other mothers — used to say that you eat with your eyes.

Review: Cinnamon spice, Accrington

2:36pm Friday 22nd February 2013

‘WHY don’t you ever do kebab reviews in Accrington?’ asked a colleague the other day. ‘You spread the kebab gospel in Blackburn and across Pendle but why never Hyndburn?’.

Review: Burnley Oriental, Burnham Gate, Burnley

1:13pm Friday 15th February 2013

“WILL you stop eating kebabs and review something different,” said one of this column’s regular readers when she harangued me in the street. “I’m amazed you aren’t always ill.”

Review: Chicken Hut, Blackburn

5:22pm Friday 8th February 2013

FRIED chicken takeaways seem to be the next big thing as far as fast food in East Lancashire is concerned. They vary from the good to the bad and in some cases the ugly.

Review: Flava, Nelson

10:41am Friday 1st February 2013

TAKING kebab-eating seriously can be a tough test. It can be a challenge to find a takeaway you haven’t tried before, so often the best way to approach it is by word of mouth.

Review: Dixy Chicken, Manchester Road, Nelson

5:01pm Friday 25th January 2013

IF you take a look down the list of takeaways on many a main street you could almost lose your bearings.

What's on: Spice of India, Nelson

5:09pm Friday 18th January 2013

THIS column almost didn’t exist in its form as a takeaway review as I was incredibly close to breaking my own rule — well, one of them.

Review: Godfather pizza house, Darwen

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Godfather pizza house, Darwen

4:03pm Friday 11th January 2013

WHEN the festive season came to an end – so did the supply of food in our house, barring some cheese, chocolates and a few pickled onions.

Review: Mr Spuds, Blackburn Market

4:40pm Friday 4th January 2013

ONE of the bonuses of the new market is most definitely the variety it has brought to the low cost food offerings for town centre workers and shoppers.

The Golden Kebab 2012

1:49pm Wednesday 2nd January 2013

AT this time of the year it is tradition to reflect and review the events of the past 12 months.


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