CHOOSING a venue in central Blackburn to meet a friend and her baby twins for lunch was a challenge.

The bustle of the market’s food hall would have impeded the chat, and the seating area would be tricky with a double buggy.

So we tried the Brew Room, at the back of the Blackburn Rovers store in Church Street.

Wide, automatic doors made access quick and easy. A previous visit had garnered mixed reports.

The greatest criticism was the portion-size to price ratio, something I’m not entirely sure has been addressed yet.

We went for a vegetarian club sandwich with humous, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and garden lettuce; a Lancashire cheese, chive and onion sandwich and a hot goats’ cheese salad.

Now call me a pedant, but if I order a salad, I expect leaves, tomatoes and cucumber at a minimum.

My goats’ cheese did come as described, with roasted peppers, beetroot and cress, on a toasted muffin and it was very tasty.

But the general salad description on the menu said they were served with mixed leaves and there were none, which for £4.95 is pretty bad.

Our server was a little off when I raised the question, although she did offer to bring a bowl of mixed leaves and red onion which balanced the dish.

The sandwiches were well filled, with a small side salad and a small serving of coleslaw. Satisfactory for £3.65 each.

With a slightly watery cappucino, a latte and a dandelion and burdock, the bill came to £17.75.

Browsing the menu, some items seem under priced like hotpot at £2.75, while others — like my ‘salad’ were way off the mark.

Get these ratios right and I’d be more of a regular, as the atmosphere, decor and location are all pretty good.