Address: Nab's Head Lane, Samlesbury, PR5 0UQ.

Phone number: 01254 852455.

Lancashire Telegraph review by Kimberley Hall from June 5, 2010.

Tuesday night at the Nab’s Head is two-for-one steak night and the pub quiz, two of my favourite things in pubs!

There are three different steaks on the menu, sirloin being the most expensive at £13.95, rib-eye and rump.

Six of us ordered the sirloin steak, only to be told a few minutes later that there were only two left.

Four of our group opted for rib-eye instead, and we ordered a few extras like salad, onion rings and sauces as the steaks only come with potatoes or chips.

The full menu is huge, with all the steaks mentioned above as well as plenty of other mouth-watering dishes, including a couple of chef’s specials like Matt’s pork and black pudding patties with chorizo.

We were all impressed with our steaks.

They were cooked to our preferences, some rare, others medium and well-done.

The only real criticism would be that the accompanying sauces we ordered were nice but didn't quite have the kick we expected.

The peppercorn sauce wasn’t peppery enough and the Stilton sauce not cheesy enough.

Leaving just enough room for pudding, we all indulged.

The Mrs Dowson’s ice cream was exceptional and there were no complaints about the other puddings we ordered.

Even with the two-for-one offer I didn’t think the steaks were cheap, but none of the extras cost more than £2 and we got a decent sized steak with plenty of chips.

We also won a round of drinks on the picture quiz, which topped off our evening rather finely.

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