Address: Burnley Road, Altham.

Phone number: 01282 774444

Lancashire Telegraph review by Jemma Humphreys from September 12, 2008.

Make sure you pay attention at the Walton Arms if you want to avoid my game of musical chairs.

When we first arrived we were greeted by a friendly waiter who immediately showed us to our table. When we were eventually served we were told that our choices — which were apparently bar meals— were not available to eat in the ‘restaurant’ so we would have to move. So we gathered our belongings and did just that, but seen as the whole place looks the same, we ended up sitting down again in another part of the ‘restaurant’.

We finally found a table that was deemed to be in the bar area and sat there waiting for our waiter to return before realising that we perhaps had to order our food at the bar now!

So when all the confusion was over we made ourselves comfortable in a little corner of the cosy pub, which if it achieves nothing else, somehow really makes you feel right at home.

When our food arrived I wasn’t sure on first impressions if it was worth the hassle as it looked rather ordinary, but, I told myself for less than £5, what can you expect.

I had a homemade burger and a side salad, which was just a bit of lettuce to be honest. And my friend had a cheese and onion pie, which she seemed really excited about.

But as the saying goes never judge a book by its cover, and in the end we actually both thoroughly enjoyed our food.

It was both very tasty and very filling for a bar snack.

And unlike many pubs where the restaurant tends to take priority, thtere was no feeling of being ‘second class citizens’.

Our food came quickly and the waitress couldn’t have been more helpful. One thing to watch out for, the wine’s pretty pricey.

The verdict

Tasty bar snacks but make sure you sit in the right place!

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