TWELVE of us went for a meal to celebrate a special lady’s birthday.

And because we have been going to the Anaz for many years, my mum chose this place knowing that good service was in order.

The thing that I have always liked about this particular Indian restaurant is that your food order is taken before you reach your table.

And what’s even better, once you’ve ordered, your popadoms are there, freshly-cooked and waiting before you inviting you to take a seat!

For my main dish I couldn’t resist the temptation of king prawn balti with keema rice.

Because the menu offers so much choice, I did find it hard to choose.

But I wasn’t disappointed.

The balti was one of the tastiest curries that I have had in a long time — cooked to perfection.

The dish was just under £16 but worth every penny.

The prawns were juicy and there were plenty of them, the rice was fluffy with spicy meat that complemented the curry.

With the help of a garlic naan I couldn’t finish it all.

Nothing was too much trouble for staff at the Anaz.

The food that we ordered came out together piping hot and dished onto our plates by the waiters who are always on hand for drinks orders.

We each had a different dish but each one had been freshly cooked to our liking.

A complimentary Baileys also went down well after we had paid the bill.


  • Food: 9
  • Drink: 9
  • Service: 9
  • Atmosphere: 9
  • Value: 9