The Evil has been lurking in the corners of most consoles in recent years, and now it takes up residence on Nintendo 3DS to deliver a brilliant survival horror story on the small screen.

With a new storyline, locations and characters, plus old favourites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, Revelations showcases the classic tense gameplay within the dark confined spaces of a cruise ship and treacherous snow-covered mountains.

The 3DS touchscreen is also used intuitively to solve puzzles and switch weapons as you tackle the all-new T-Abyss enemy, and the enhanced graphical capabilities prove to add an additional layer of immediacy to the evil threat that lurks round every corner.

As a triple-A adult title, it's an essential purchase for 3DS owners, and if you’ve long been hooked on the horror from this enduring franchise, you'll absolutely love this latest instalment.