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12A The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2
President Snow plants pods as booby traps around the evacuated Capitol to thwart the rebellion. Katniss, Peeta and other allies venture behind enemy lines to launch a covert strike on Snow and bring about lasting peace.
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12A Spectre
A cryptic message reveals ghosts from Bond's past. Aided by MI6 technical wizard Q, the secret agent criss-crosses the globe in his Aston Martin DB10 and discovers that a menacing organisation named SPECTRE is behind the global threat.
12A Bridge Of Spies
Rudolf Abel is arrested in 1957 New York and labelled a Soviet spy. Legal maven Thomas Watters Jr enlists one of his best insurance lawyers, James B Donovan, to mount a credible defence for the sake of appearances even though the odds are stacked against a fair trial.
Universal Hotel Transylvania 2
Vampire Mavis and her human husband Jonathan raise an adorable son called Dennis and consider moving to California. Mavis' father Dracula is devastated - he believes that an heir to the bloodline should be raised in Transylvania, surrounded by other monsters.
12A Christmas With The Coopers
Every Christmas Eve, Sam Cooper and his wife Charlotte host their children Hank and Eleanor, Charlotte's father Bucky and sister Emma, plus aunt Fishy for a feast of thanksgiving and celebration.
12A Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
Prem is a caring soul, who performs stage plays based on Lord Rama in Ayodhya, India. He donates all of the money he earns to a charity fund run by Princess Maithili. Prem is bewitched by the princess and her courage so he resolves to meet Maithili.

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Parental Guidance The Good Dinosaur
A young Apatosaurus called Arlo falls into a river and is swept far away from his loved ones. Lost in the wilderness, Arlo meets a feral cave boy called Spot, who becomes the dinosaur's protector. Beast and human child embark on a magical adventure to return Arlo to his home.
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15 Black Mass
When the Angiulo Brothers declare war on the Winter Hill Gang, FBI agent John Connolly contacts gang leader Whitey Bulger in secret and persuades the kingpin to turn police informant to bring down the Mafia.
12A The Lady In The Van
Playwright Alan Bennett moves into a house in Camden and is befriended by well-to-do neighbours. Soon after, a cantankerous vagrant called Miss Shepherd bullies Alan into letting her take up temporary residence in his driveway.
Parental Guidance Tamasha
On the exotic island of Corsica, Ved meets the beautiful Tara and they fall head over heels in love. The smitten strangers agree not to tell each other their real names or humdrum details but to create fake personas during their time on the island.

18 Legend
Reggie Kray struggles to contain the sadistic impulses of his identical twin Ronnie. When Reggie serves time, an emotionally unstable Ronnie seizes control of the business empire and bullies anyone who openly questions his authority.
12A Victor Frankenstein
Young medical student Victor Frankenstein is determined to blaze a trail in medical science by harnessing the power of electricity to reanimate dead flesh. He conducts his secret and dangerous experiments with the help of his good friend Igor.


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