A UNIQUE Islamic education centre that tackles serious issues such as forced marriages, domestic abuse, drug addiction and anti-social behaviour is expanding.

Described as a ‘non-traditional school’, the Blackburn Darussalam Education Centre, in Whalley New Road, is hoping to open up a new mosque to continue all its work.

President Habibur Rehman Chaudhary said the centre was a ‘Progressive Islamic and Cultural Guidance Centre’ and was geared towards youngsters but helped everyone in society.

Leaders are currently operating the mosque, education centre, women’s association and youth wing in a small room at the site, which is in desperate need of redevelopment.

They are now seeking help with funding to expand.

Having already raised £55,000 they are looking to raise another £65,300 to complete the three phase project.

From the small room the education centre works to protect children from domestic violence, child abuse, gang culture and unhealthy living.

They work with youngsters to prevent anti-social behaviour, crime, drug addiction and racial discrimination.

And for women they provide a refuge from domestic violence, discrimination under male domination, physical and mental abuse and force marriages.

Maulana Chaudhary, president of Darussalam Education, said: “The centre is not a traditional school like many in this town but in a broader sense, it is a progressive Islamic and cultural guidance centre, which is aimed to cater something for everyone in the society with the emphasis on the youth and the children.”

“Its management wants to focus on the spiritual development of youth and children of this society, and for their safety, security and protection.”

Contact 07574 059949 or Maulana Chaudhary at 07894 403340 for more information or to help.