A FORMER bullying victim has used art to express her feelings.

Robyn Duxbury, 19, from Intack, said she was bullied from primary school through to high school.

But she is now using her experience to show others there is a way to overcome the hurt.

The Blackburn College student, whose work has been praised by her tutors, said bullying had had a ‘massive’ impact on her self-confidence. She said that since enrolling on to an art course she had learnt to channel her emotions through her painting.

As a result she said as been able to put the past behind her.

Robyn displayed her final-year piece, Virgin for life, at the Blackburn College end of year Art and Design show.

She said: “I was bullied for a long time.

“This painting is a reflection of the poor self-image I had at the time and it represents the feelings of hurt, loneliness and shame I felt.

“Instead of ignoring the taunts, I found myself questioning whether they were true.

“Words are very powerful and once you let them in, it’s hard to erase them.

“A throwaway comment made by my secondary school tormentor has probably been long since forgotten by her, but for me, after the years of bullying it is forever etched in my memory.

“I took all that emotion and channelled it into my art.

“Studying art at Blackburn College has allowed me to put the past behind me.

“I’ll always carry the bullying with me, which is why I included the tattoo guns in the painting to express how the words have scarred my memory permanently but, like a tattoo, they will fade and I can move on.

“I’m a more positive person now and I can’t wait to start my Fine Art degree at University Centre Blackburn College next year.”