A PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition created by survivors of domestic abuse has been unveiled at Blackburn Museum.

The work has been thought up by survivors who use the Wish Centre and is on display at the venue for three weeks.

The exhibition features around 16 photographs and starts with dark photos at the start of the abuse cycle, with photos depicting a closed house and other unwelcoming scenes.

The work then flows round the wall and goes into much lighter photos that show women escaping from the cycle of abuse and enjoying the rest of their lives.

Around 20 victims of abuse were involved in the project and met to decide what form the exhibition would take and then took the photographs.

One woman who took part in the project said: “I found it a very valuable exercise, it helped really helped to talk about your experiences.

“Seeing the exhibition up as it is now is very powerful and emotional.”

Lucy Heywood, of Blackburn Women’s Aid, said: “We wanted the work to show the journey of the people involved.

“It starts with photographs going from the dark, at the start of the abuse, to the light when they are free from it.

“Everybody who was involved in it really enjoyed taking part.”

Another woman who took part said: “It is great to see the work up now.

"It was a very good project to take part in and we all got something out of it.”

Coun Karimeh Foster, Mayor of Blackburn, said: “You can feel that this work has come from the heart, its reflects personal experience and shows the progress of going from the dark of the light, it is a very touching display.”

The Wish Centre in Blackburn works with women and children who are experiencing domestic abuse or have done in the past.