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Could statins treat common cause of vision loss?

12:00pm Friday 5th February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Statins could be miracle cure for blindness," reports the Express, following a new study into dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the leading causes of blindness in adults...

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Smoking bans linked to fewer heart attacks and strokes

12:00am Thursday 4th February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

The ban on smoking indoors in public places “has helped save the lives of passive smokers,” says the Daily Mail. The headline refers to a review of the effects of smoking bans, which found fewer admissions to hospitals...

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Just one hour of sitting down may increase diabetes risk by a fifth

2:28pm Wednesday 3rd February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Every extra hour sitting down can raise your risk of type 2 diabetes by a fifth," the Daily Mirror reports. The paper reports on a study that looked at the effects of sedentary behaviour on type 2 diabetes risk…

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Weight loss in middle age: A warning sign of dementia?

12:30pm Wednesday 3rd February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"How losing weight in middle age 'could be a sign of dementia'," the Daily Mail reports. A US study suggests there is an association between middle-age weight change and risk of mild cognitive impairment – which can be an early sign of dementia…

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UK regulators give go-ahead for 'embryo editing'

1:28pm Tuesday 2nd February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos," BBC News reports. The UK body that regulates research into embryos…

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Young women with high-fibre diet may have lower breast cancer risk

10:28am Tuesday 2nd February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Teenage girls who get their five-a-day cut breast cancer risk by up to 25 per cent," the Daily Mirror reports. A US study suggests that a high-fibre diet based on eating plenty of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of breast cancer in later life…

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Proton beam therapy 'effective' and 'causes fewer side effects'

1:00pm Monday 1st February 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Proton beam cancer therapy 'effective with fewer side effects'," BBC News reports. A US study found the technique caused fewer side effects than conventional radiotherapy…

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Zika virus: your questions answered

5:00pm Friday 29th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

The World Health Organization reports that the Zika virus has now spread through both South and Central America and expects three to four million people to be infected in 2016. So what is the Zika virus and what steps can you take to protect yourself?

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High-flavonoid foods, like berries and apples, 'prevent weight gain'

11:00am Friday 29th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Get fruity to get fit: Eat more berries to beat a big belly," The Sun reports. The advice is based on the findings of a major new study looking at the effects of foods rich in the compound flavonoid, such as berries and apples, on body weight…

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Antidepressants linked to suicide and aggression in teens

11:00am Thursday 28th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Antidepressant use doubles the risk of suicide in under 18s and the risks to adults may have been seriously underestimated," The Daily Telegraph reports. A review of patient reports compiled by drug companies suggests risks may have been under-reported…

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New clues that Alzheimer’s may have been spread during surgery

1:30pm Wednesday 27th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Researchers have reported a second case that suggest [sic] Alzheimer's can be transmitted during medical treatments," the Mail Online reports. Researchers carried out autopsies of seven people who died from Creutzfeld Jakob Disease…

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'Autistic' monkeys created in controversial study

10:30am Tuesday 26th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Genetically modified (GM) monkeys that develop symptoms of autism have been created to help scientists discover treatments for the condition," The Guardian reports. Chinese researchers used gene editing techniques to create monkeys with autistic traits…

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Playground equipment contains toxic levels of lead paint

1:30pm Monday 25th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Paint on playground equipment has been found to contain high amounts of the toxin lead – up to 40 times recommended levels," BBC News reports. Researchers sampled levels at 26 playgrounds in the south of England…

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Seasonal affective disorder 'may be a myth', study argues

12:00pm Friday 22nd January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Stop blaming SAD for your bad mood - it doesn't exist! Seasonal changes have 'NO effect on depression'," the Daily Mail reports. A new study found no significant association between lack of sunshine and reported symptoms of depression…

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Paternal depression linked to premature birth

2:00pm Thursday 21st January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Depression in expectant fathers linked to premature births," The Independent reports. A Swedish study found a link between paternal depression occurring for the first time and an increased risk of very premature birth…

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New genetic risk factor for ovarian cancer identified

1:30pm Thursday 21st January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"A faulty gene has been identified that increases the risk of ovarian cancer more than threefold," The Independent reports. The genetic mutation, found in the BRIP1 gene, adds to the known genetic warning signs for ovarian cancer…

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Calls for research into effects of ultrasound exposure on health

11:15am Wednesday 20th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Ultrasound in public places could be triggering sickness," the Daily Mail reports. Ultrasounds are high frequency sound waves used by a wide range of devices, and are thought to be inaudible to most humans...

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Researchers investigate why obesity can trigger bowel cancer

11:30am Tuesday 19th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Excess calories 'turn off a hormone in the intestine that blocks colon cancer'," the Mail Online reports. Obesity is a known risk factor for bowel cancer (colorectal cancer). There is evidence that a diet rich in processed meats…

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Are ads for candy-flavoured e-cigs tempting teens to vape?

1:30pm Monday 18th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Advertisements for … flavoured e-cigarettes could encourage children to try vaping," ITV News reports after a study found children shown these ads were more likely to express an interest in trying flavoured e-cigs…

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NHS Health Checks 'prevented thousands of heart attacks'

1:30pm Friday 15th January 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"NHS Health Checks scheme hailed as 'remarkable success'," Pulse Magazine reports, while The Sun adds "GP quiz [is a] life saver". NHS Health Checks, introduced in 2009, are a kind of middle-aged health "MOT"…

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