TODAY in Bygones, we have the story of a band who were banned!

The young teenagers who made up The Cyclones hit all the wrong notes with the local education officer - because they were all only 14-years-old.

We have a photo of the aspiring young pop group from 1964, which shows Alan Bradshaw seated front, with from left, Mick Sturzaker, Ian Spencer, Raymond Parsons and Graham Lowe.

Sometimes it was after midnight when The Cyclones got home - after playing four nights a week in cabaret at the Casino Club in Burnley - until a letter arrived from the education office.

It warned the club manager Lew Askew that he would be prosecuted if the group played again - which meant the boys, who were set to shortly leave school had to give up their £50 a we4ek job.

Chief education officer Maurice Dawson commented: "Children of school age must have a licence if they perform. This is the law and we are only enforcing it."

Even if they had a licence the band would have to end the act by 10pm "which is obviously no good for a night club," said Lew.

Disbanded, the lads went their different ways, but a year later, Alan, of Arden Terrace, Accrington, joined another local beat group The Mustangs as their drummer.

He had left school and become an apprentice bricklayer and the group performed at casino clubs and dance halls across the north, including Burnley, Wigan and The Imp in Nelson.

In the mid sixties, Alan, rhythm guitarist Bryn Haworth of Brindle, bass guitarist John Madden, of Cog Lane, Burnley and led guitarist Russell Greenall, of Earnsdale Road, Darwen, turned professional after winning a recording contract.

They were the backing group to a Polish vocalist group for their record 'Oh yes, I knew', before disbanding six months later.

Alan went back to bricklaying, but has played in several East Lancashire groups over the years; he has lost contact with John and Russell, while Bryn became a renowned slide guitarist, working as a professional singer, songwriter and performer, with his own brand of rock, country and gospel blues.