THE face of Blackburn has continually evolved through the years.

Stores have opened and closed, roads which were once a through route for traffic are today pedestrianised and whole streets have disappeared as the town changed its appearance, in line with the times.

Those of a certain age will, though, enjoy looking back on how it used to be and this image takes us to Church Street, in 1953.

Sixty and more years ago, there was a large roundabout at its junction with Railway Road, with a tall lamp standard at its centre, to replicate the lamp which stood there in the early 1900s.

Woolworth's stood on the corner of Ainsworth Street, in its art deco building and would still be offering its popular selection of 3d and 6d bargains to Blackburn's shoppers.

Next door was a newsagent's with a large Daily Dispatch sign, then two doors up is the Golden Lion Hotel, a Dutton's house - deliveries would not have to come far from the brewery just around the corner.

It was said that a pillar inside the hostelry once marked the exact centre of the town.

Higher up the street is the large premises of Victoria Carpets, a premises which in earlier times was home to an gentlemen's outfitters.

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