FROM centre, to wing attack, to goal attack to shooter and... goal.

These young ladies had the game of netball all sewn up - and the competition all in knots - back in 1985.

For they were the members of the St John's School netball team, in Great Harwood, who swept the board that year.

Their skills, goal aim and defending saw them come top in the inter schools' league and win both the knockout and the Rally competition trophies.

The girls were only too keen to show off their trophy, shields, medals and, we surmise, teddy bear team mascot for the Telegraph photographer at the end of the highly successful season.

Do you recognise any of these top young players? Wearing their brightest smiles they are, from left, back row: A Burton, K Savage, G Wilkinson and H Nicholl.

On the front row are D McCartney, L Harrison, J Hibbert and A Flynn.

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