A RAILWAY bridge is affecting the tourism industry in the Ribble Valley because it’s too low, a community campaigner says.

Simon Entwistle, 58, from Littlemoor Road, Clitheroe, says coaches can’t fit under the 11ft 6in bridge over Waddington Road in the town.

The coaches have to divert to Chatburn or Bashall Eaves in order to get to Waddington or the Hodder Valley, costing the tourism industry ‘a lot of money’.

His comments on Facebook have attracted more than 30 ‘likes’ and more than 20 comments including from local Ribble Valley Borough councillors.

Simon said: “This bridge has cost the tourism industry a lot of money due to lost trade.

“I have contacted the tourism officer and indeed the mayor and various councillors. The response I have had has been total lack of interest, in fact I have been accused of being a trouble maker.

“If this bridge was in York or Blackpool then the road surface would be lowered by three inches to get a coach under it and also solve the flooding problems due to heavy rain. Will the last person to leave Ribble Valley tourism turn the light out.”

Resident Mick Tulloch said: “I have lost count on the times I have seen a bus, lorry or any tall vehicle wedged under this bridge.”

Clitheroe resident Melanie Byrne said: “My mum lives in Park Avenue and there has always been lorries, coaches and plant hire machines getting wedged under it. Not to mention floods, which I remember swimming through in my youth.”

Borough councillor Jim Shervey said: “All the council can do is lobby the county council to make the changes. I doubt this would happen as the county council is under significant budgetary constraints due to cuts from the national government.

“I agree that changes need to be made to that junction, a mini roundabout would make a significant improvement to traffic flow, however please be careful what you wish for as that junction is one of the main arguments against the proposed housing devel-opment at Waddow View.

“Improvement of that junction could also open up that area for further future housing develop-ments.”