A CAMPAIGN looks set to be launched to fight for faster internet speeds in a rural Ribble Valley village.
Gisburn residents have taken to Facebook to flag up the issue of slow download and upload speeds.
It comes as Gisburn is the only area in the county that Superfast Lancashire has not made a decision to upgrade to fibre optic broadband.
A £10,000 grant application to Ribble Valley Borough Council to establish a community internet hub at Gisburn Festival Hall was rejected earlier this year.
Hall secretary David Waters had hoped to sue the money to give elderly residents the chance to access services online.
Villagers have been encouraged to contact Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans to ask him to take up the issue.
Superfast Lancashire is a joint scheme between Lancashire County Council and BT.
It has promised that by the end of 2015, 97 per cent of the county will have access to fibre optic broadband.
Mr Waters, 57, a retired policeman, said: “We are a bit behind the times in Gisburn.
“The slow upload and download speeds are detrimental to the village’s prosperity.
“Fast internet is vital these days and is very important to people who run small businesses for example.
“Also in the wake of the government’s announcement recently that pensioners must get online or risk losing access to services, fast internet is more important than ever.
“I would encourage everyone to contact Mr Evans and I would support any campaign that is set up.
“If people comment on Facebook or contact the MP something could be organised.”
Writing on Facebook, Gisburn resident Kate Sherry said: “Can we get a campaign going for fibre broadband.
“I’ve spoken to many people in local area who need it for business purposes as well as personal use.”
A Superfast Lancashire spokesperson said: "Gisburn is still under consideration for fibre broadband following the government’s decision to provide more funds to boost the number of hard-to-reach areas able to receive broadband.
"Superfast Lancashire is also providing advice on how to use community action to try and ensure that residents in places like Gisburn are included in the roll out of fibre broadband."