AMBULANCE chiefs have created a ‘humorous’ computer game, including animated shark attacks and alien invasions, in a bid to raise awareness about 999 services.

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has spent £15,000 to develop and promote a new online game, to educate the public about what can happen when they request an emergency response.

Players can select a photo from Facebook or use the game’s standard purple character to play along.

They are then invited to select a location, and an unusual cause for their injury or illness, ranging from stampedes of horses, giant icebergs, wrecking balls and eating too much junk food.

After players have decided when and how the emergency will take place, the game selects the most appropriate response to the situation, just as the trust’s resource dispatchers do in real life.

NWAS created the game as part of its #team999 campaign, which aims to educate the public about what can happen when calling 999, namely that it does not always result in a response from an emergency ambulance or a trip to the emergency department.

Bob Williams, chief executive at NWAS, said: “There is far more to the modern ambulance service than just emergency ambulances. It’s all about getting the right care for each patient and keeping ambulances free for those with life-threatening conditions.

“Through the randomizer game, we hope to raise awareness amongst younger people, in a humorous way, of what they can expect when calling on the ambulance service for help.”

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