SCHOOL pupils normally celebrate the end of term with parties, non-uniform days and practical jokes.

But teachers at Fisher-More High School, Colne, were dancing in the classroom, and now they’re ‘Happy’ to see a video of their exploits going viral on the internet.

The school closed on Thursday for the summer holidays and unveiled its homemade production at the end of year school mass before uploading it on to its Twitter and Facebook pages.

In the footage, teachers can be seen letting their hair down and dancing away to Pharrell Williams’ smash hit single. Only one pupil features in the video but most members of staff make an appearance. Dave Swarbrick, who teachers ICT and appears lifting weights in the school gym, said: “It was our chaplain Tina Fishwick who came up with the idea.

“She’s very persuasive and always has lots of weird and wacky ideas that we can’t say ‘no’ to.

“The idea was to use the video as a way to show the pupils that we aren’t just stressy teachers, that we are approachable and human and, most of all, that we are happy to teach them and happy to be part of the Fisher-More community.”

After only a few days, the video had been viewed thousands of times.

Students past and present have left messages online about the video, which is also available on Youtube.

Lauren Smith said: “Best high school ever! So wish I was back there. Absolutely love the staff members – one big family.” Genevieve Barwick said: “Best school ever. Can’t wait to go back after holiday” and Toby Wilkinson said simply: ‘Awesome.’ Mr Swarbrick added: “I was a pupil at Fisher-More myself and it really is a happy place to learn. All the comments we’ve received from pupils who have since left show that it’s a place that really sticks with you and a lot of people have very happy memories of this place.”